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The Get X Web Hosting Tech Stack

Not all hosting is created equal.

We have invested thousands of dollars with the industry’s most advanced companies and spent thousands of hours in research and development to bring our customers some of the best websites available on the Internet. Everything from design, speed, security, hosting, search engine optimization, scalability, and customer usability has been taken into careful consideration to develop websites that are nothing short of world-class.

The following is a cost breakdown of what it would cost you to operate a single website using the same technology as our agency.

Technology Partner

Retail Price

(If you paid for it yourself)

Site Ground

99.9% Uptime Web Hosting, Daily Backups, UltraFast PHP, Reliable Cloud Hosting. Visit Site Ground
$24.99 USD / Mo

Elementor Pro

The #1 website creation platform for WordPress allows us to build and manage your website quickly. Visit Elementor

$4.16 USD / Mo

Elementor Ultimate Add-Ons

The ultimate Elementor Pro tool kit for building custom websites quickly. Includes full canvas design control and mobile first design capability. Visit Ultimate Add-Ons

$20.83 USD / Mo


The most powerful caching and speed optimization plugin in the world. Use it to improve the speed of your WordPress site, SEO rankings, visitor experience, and conversions significantly. Visit WP-Rocket

$17.50 USD/ Mo

RackMath PRO

The most powerful way to get the BEST WordPress SEO tools and technology added to your website. Visit Rank Math

$4.91 USD / Mo

Atarim Feedback System

Click and type website feedback system for simple edit requests and simple stream-lined communication between you and our design team. Visit Atarim

$4.16 USD / Mo

Astra Pro Security

30,000 websites get hacked every single day. Astra Pro Security is the #1 way to secure your website from malware and hackers using before they cause irreversible damage. Visit Astra

$24 USD / Mo

WP Forms Pro & WP Mail SMTP

Advanced mailing systems that allow the development of multi functional forms with enhanced security, spam protection, and better mail deliverability. WP Forms | WP Mail SMTP

$16.50 USD / Mo

Get X SmartTrack Analytics Reporting

A reporting tool to provide clear oversight over the traffic to your website and the impact of any digital marketing efforts. Accessible 24/7 from your computer or smartphone.

$4.16 USD / Mo

WordPress & Technology Management

Although WordPress itself is free, all of these require monthly maintenance, security, and software updates to ensure continued functionality. Our team handles all of this for you so you can focus on running your business.

$80.00 USD / Mo

Total Value (USD)

$183.71 USD / Mo

Total Value (CAD)

$142.82 CAD / Mo

Your Price (CAD)

$79 CAD / Mo (Not Paid Annually)

For a fraction of the cost, enjoy the industry’s greatest most reliable technology, completely managed by us. That's cheaper than doing it all yourself.

The Get X Web Hosting Tech Stack is Mandatory With Every Website Hosted by Get X Media.