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We employ the industry's latest and greatest SEO tools

Get X SEO Tech Stack

Using these powerful tools and partnerships allows us to swiftly executive complex search engine optimization campaigns while ensuring accountability and the best service for your clients. These tools are not cheap, they cost thousands of dollars every month and most often require extensive training to use them effectively. This is not a complete list but covers the essentials.

Guaranteed under 3 second load times.

Faster-paced work environment for our SEO pros.

Everything is easier with the right tools. Doing this manually requires an extraordinary amount of technical work and analysis. More so than the cost of these premium SEO tools. At Get X Media, we would rather work smarter instead of working harder. 

Guaranteed hack-free web security

More in-depth analysis and more data to work with

Analyzing this extra data takes work, however, it is necessary to ensure nothing is overlooked as we go through the optimization and content publishing on your website. This system sits as a double-check to ensure nothing was missed. 

Unlimited scalability and growth capability

Guaranteed Google rankings in the first 3 months.

Using premium infrastructure like this allows us to rank your website faster on Google. This allows us to come clean on our promises and for you to enjoy the new business coming through the door. 

Systems that are build for fast-paced Google rankings.

The following is a cost breakdown of what it would cost you to operate a single website using the same SEO technology as our agency.

Technology Partner

Retail Price

(If you paid for it yourself)

Get X SmartTrack

Transparent Analytics and Tracking
$200 USD / Mo

Ahrefs Data Analysis

Keyword Research and Competitor Research
$250 USD / Mo


Keyword Research and Competitor Research
$250 USD / Mo

Answer the Public

Content Research
$100 USD/ Mo

Screaming Frog SEO Spider

Website Crawler and Auditing Tool
$250 USD / Year


Website Development Software
$250 USD / Year


$320 USD / Year

RankMath Pro

Website SEO Optimization Software
$550 USD / Year

Adobe Suite

Media Production and Creatives Software
$100 USD / Mo

Total Value (USD)

$2,270 USD / Mo

Your Price

Included With SEO

For a fraction of the cost, enjoy the industry’s greatest most reliable SEO technology, completely managed by us. That's cheaper than doing it all yourself.

The Get X RankSmart tech stack is included with every SEO plan.