15 Critical Factors in Digital Marketing [Free Resource]

by | Apr 16, 2020

Dear Business Builders,

The critical factors in digital marketing that are outlined in this book include proven and battleground tested digital marketing tactics that have resulted in millions of dollars in revenue for our clients! This is no bullsh*t. I am giving it to you for free!

Honestly, I have spent years creating digital marketing systems for business owners which have consisted of over $500,000 dollars in marketing spend, countless failures, tens of thousands of hours in research, thousands of hours in training, and actual testing with real businesses.

I’m tired of seeing talented entrepreneurs struggle to get the customers they deserve simply because the majority of digital marketing information online is false, misleading, or just plain wrong. The internet is filled with garbage sales funnel ads and “make a million-dollars” bullsh*t books that do nothing but suck valuable time, money, and energy out of hard-working business professionals.

I’m also sick of seeing some digital marketing agencies take complete advantage of hard-working business owners by charging high-value prices and delivering low-value services. They would rather sell recurring maintenance packages and inflate costs to make money rather than actually delivering for their clients.

Have you ever had an email from some “guru” marketer stating they found a bunch of errors on your website and if fixed will skyrocket your rankings? These people are the absolute scum of the marketing world and leave us hard-working marketers to deal with the skepticism that it creates.

There is no magic silver bullet here folks. These are simply tested and proven strategies that take good old fashion hard work. I hope you enjoy this read, happy to hear your thoughts in the comments section below.

15 Critical Factors in Digital Marketing [Free Resource] 2
Corey Hayes

Corey Hayes

CEO and Head of Growth

Corey has an obsessive approach to digital marketing. Executing world-class marketing strategies through the flawless collaboration of technology and talent to help entrepreneurs transform their businesses into historical empires is the mission.

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