Best Project Management Software for Small Business (2023)

Discover the top project management software tailored for small businesses. Our in-depth review compares features, pricing, and ease-of-use to help you make an informed decision.

Best Overall

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Best for businesses seeking an all-in-one workspace that combines note-taking, task management, and collaboration.

Best For Integrations

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Best for teams that require extensive customization and integration capabilities to suit diverse project needs.

Best For Simplicity

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Best for visual thinkers who prefer a drag-and-drop interface for easy project tracking.

Best For Billing

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Best for small businesses that need time tracking and invoicing integrated into their project management.

Best For Gantt Charts

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Best for organizations that rely heavily on Gantt charts for project planning and execution.

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Navigating the myriad tasks, projects, and deadlines in a small business can be a complex task. The right project management software can simplify this labyrinth, providing clarity and efficiency to small businesses seeking growth. In this comprehensive guide, we explore the leading solutions tailored for the needs of small businesses.


Notion is renowned for its flexibility and adaptability, designed to offer a unified workspace for teams of all sizes.

  • Start-ups: The agile environment of start-ups requires a solution like Notion, which allows quick customization.
  • Creative AgenciesNotion’s visually appealing interface resonates with designers and creators, providing an intuitive platform for collaboration.
  • SMBs Looking for Scalability: Growing businesses find value in Notion’s ability to integrate with various tools, making it scalable.
  • Collaboration Issues: Real-time collaboration ensures that team members are aligned and engaged.
  • Document Organization: By centralizing files and notes, Notion aids in organization and accessibility.
  • Complex Workflow Management: Customizable templates in Notion help simplify even the most complex workflows.
  • Real-time collaboration
  • Customizable templates
  • Integration with leading tools like Slack, Google Drive
  • Scalable workspace for varying team sizes
  • Knowledge base for FAQs and guide documentation
  • Task management with status tracking
  • Timeline view for project planning
  • Mobile app for iOS and Android
  • User permissions for control
  • Offline access

Notion offers a free version for individual users, while its team packages start from $8 per user per month, with Enterprise solutions available for larger teams.

Notion Pricing Plans Free Plus Business Enterprise AI

Users praise Notion for its minimalistic design that emphasizes usability. Its mobile-optimized interface ensures a consistent experience across platforms, making it user-friendly.

With an active community on forums, detailed tutorials, and quick customer service, Notion stands out for its support system.

User-friendly interfaceLimited offline mode
Extensive community supportSlight learning curve
Mobile optimizationLimited native integrations
Robust feature setCan be overwhelming for some
Customizable to suit needsPremium features are costly
Excellent knowledge baseNo in-built chat function
Scalable for growthSome performance issues
Integration capabilitiesLacking in advanced reporting
Regular updates 
  • Customizable interface
  • Mobile optimization
  • Real-time collaboration
  • Integration with popular tools
  • Robust task management
  • Knowledge base for support
  • Scalability
  • Limited offline capability
  • Learning curve for complete beginners
  • Limited native integrations
  • Premium features can be expensive
  • Performance issues with large data
  • Lack of in-built chat functionality
  • Limitations in advanced reporting


Embark on a journey of streamlined collaboration and project management with Notion. Get started today to enhance your small business efficiency.

getxmedia notion 300x300 1


ClickUp positions itself as a productivity tool that brings all your work into a single app.

  • Small to Medium-sized EnterprisesClickUp’s flexibility and adaptability make it suitable for various industries and team sizes.
  • Remote Teams: With powerful collaboration and tracking tools, remote teams can work seamlessly.
  • Marketing Agencies: Custom workflows and automation in ClickUp enhance efficiency for marketing professionals.
  • Task Fragmentation: Unify all tasks, documents, goals, and chats in one place.
  • Efficiency Barriers: Automation and integrations speed up routine tasks.
  • Visibility and Control: Full visibility into projects and customizable permissions provide control.
  • Multiple views (List, Board, Calendar, etc.)
  • Customizable dashboards
  • Integrations with over 1000+ apps
  • Time tracking and reporting
  • Automation of routine tasks
  • Collaborative docs and chat
  • Goals and target setting
  • Native mobile apps for iOS and Android
  • Advanced reporting features

ClickUp offers a free version with basic features, and its paid plans start at $5 per user per month, providing advanced functionalities.

The best work solution for the best price

Known for its clean design, ClickUp offers a user-friendly experience that caters to both beginners and professionals, with mobile optimization for on-the-go access.

ClickUp has a dedicated support community offering extensive documentation, webinars, and responsive customer service.

Extensive customizationCan be complex for beginners
Robust integrationPerformance issues on mobile
Affordable pricingLimited offline access
Comprehensive feature setSome features need refinement
Excellent supportOccasional bugs
Great for remote teamsSteeper learning curve
Automation capabilitiesLacking some native integrations
  • Flexibility in views and customization
  • Extensive integration options
  • Affordable pricing for small businesses
  • Automation that enhances efficiency
  • Strong support through community and guides
  • Adaptability to various team sizes
  • Complexity can be overwhelming for beginners
  • Occasional performance glitches
  • Limited offline capabilities
  • Some features might require refinement
  • Steeper learning curve for some users


Empower your team with ClickUp and transform your project management experience. Get started to see the change.
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Trello leverages a board-and-card system to make project management simple and visual.

  • Small Teams and Freelancers: Its simplicity is ideal for small teams and individual freelancers.
  • Content Creators: Its visual boards are perfect for content planning and organization.
  • Non-Technical UsersTrello’s intuitive design requires no technical expertise.
  • Visual Project Tracking: Users can see the entire project’s status at a glance.
  • Team Collaboration: Facilitates communication and collaboration among team members.
  • Simple Task Management: It enables quick task creation, assignment, and status updates.
  • Drag-and-drop interface
  • Customizable boards, lists, and cards
  • Integrations with popular apps
  • File attachments and checklists
  • Comments and notifications
  • Mobile apps for iOS and Android
  • Automation with Butler
  • Activity log and reporting

Trello provides a free version with essential features, and its paid plans start at $9.99 per user per month for additional functionality.

Which Trello Plan Is Best for You Our Pricing Guide Can Help Trello

Trello’s easy-to-use, visually appealing interface promotes a straightforward user experience, and its mobile optimization ensures continuity across devices.

Trello’s community consists of forums, tutorials, and responsive support channels, providing assistance for users.

Simple, visual designLimited reporting capabilities
Suitable for small teamsLacks complex project tools
Mobile-friendlyNot ideal for large projects
Great for collaborationFew native integrations
Free version availableSome features behind paywall
  • Intuitive drag-and-drop interface
  • Visually appealing design
  • Effective for small teams
  • Collaborative features
  • Mobile optimization
  • Automation through Butler
  • Limited features for complex projects
  • Lack of native integrations
  • Restricted reporting tools
  • Some essential features behind a paywall


Dive into visual project management with Trello, and enjoy simplicity and collaboration in one package.

getxmedia trello icon 300x300 1


Paymo is an all-in-one project management tool focusing on small to medium-sized businesses, helping them track work, monitor progress, and invoice clients.

  • Freelancers and Consultants: Allows for smooth tracking of hours and invoicing clients.
  • Creative Agencies: Fits well for creative agencies that require visual timelines and project budgets.
  • Marketing Teams: Offers robust collaboration and reporting tools that marketing teams will find valuable.
  • Time Tracking and Billing: Streamlines tracking billable hours and automates invoicing.
  • Project Planning: Facilitates planning through visual timelines and budgeting tools.
  • Collaboration Issues: Enhances collaboration with shared files, comments, and notifications.
  • Time tracking and timesheet reports
  • Visual project timelines (Gantt Charts)
  • Task management and scheduling
  • Invoice creation and automation
  • Resource scheduling
  • File sharing and collaboration tools
  • Integrations with popular apps
  • Mobile app availability

Paymo offers a free plan for freelancers, and paid plans begin at $9.56 per user per month, providing additional functionalities.

Pricing Signup · Paymo

Paymo offers a user-friendly and customizable interface that adapts to various business needs. The mobile app ensures accessibility on the go.

Paymo provides support through live chat, an extensive knowledge base, tutorials, and a community forum to aid users.

Comprehensive feature setLimited free plan capabilities
Tailored for small businessesMay be overwhelming for new users
Effective time trackingSome features require learning curve
Integrations and flexibilitySome users report bugs
Invoicing capabilitiesLimited third-party integrations
  • Seamless time tracking and invoicing
  • Visual project planning tools
  • Collaboration-friendly features
  • Tailored for small businesses
  • Integrations with essential apps
  • Limitations in the free plan
  • Initial complexity for new users
  • Some occasional bugs
  • Limited options for third-party integrations


Enhance your project planning and billing with Paymo, an all-in-one solution for small to medium-sized businesses.
getxmedia paymo 300x300 1


TeamGantt offers a visually pleasing Gantt chart experience, designed to make project planning and scheduling straightforward for small to medium-sized businesses.

  • Project ManagersTeamGantt’s visual tools assist project managers in tracking project timelines.
  • Collaborative Teams: Its features enhance collaboration among team members across different functions.
  • Creative and Marketing Agencies: The platform caters to creative planning needs with its intuitive visual timelines.
  • Complex Project Planning: It simplifies complex project planning with its drag-and-drop Gantt charts.
  • Team Coordination: Helps in aligning team members and tracking their progress.
  • Visibility into Project Timelines: Offers a clear view of project milestones and deadlines.
  • Drag-and-drop Gantt charts
  • Collaborative commenting
  • File attachments and sharing
  • Milestone tracking
  • Resource management
  • Time tracking
  • Mobile access through web browsers
  • Integration with tools like Slack and Trello

TeamGantt offers a limited free plan, and paid plans start at $24.95 per user per month for added functionalities.

TeamGantt Pricing Lite Pro Enterprise Plans

TeamGantt provides an intuitive and aesthetically pleasing user experience, focusing on visual Gantt charts. The mobile-friendly web access ensures continuity on different devices.

TeamGantt’s support community offers tutorial videos, guides, webinars, and responsive customer support.

Intuitive Gantt chartsLimited features in free plan
Easy collaboration toolsNo native mobile app
Visual project trackingSomewhat expensive for small teams
Comprehensive supportLimited integrations
  • Easy-to-use Gantt chart interface
  • Collaborative features for team alignment
  • Aesthetic design and visuals
  • Supportive community and resources
  • Integration with other popular tools
  • Lack of native mobile application
  • Limited features in the free version
  • Higher cost for smaller teams
  • Limited third-party integrations


Explore visual project planning with TeamGantt’s Gantt charts, designed to facilitate collaboration and scheduling in a sleek interface.

getxmedia teamgantt icon 300x300 1

Zoho Projects

Zoho Projects is a comprehensive project management solution, known for its extensive feature set and integration capabilities, suitable for small to large businesses.

  • Small Businesses Looking to Scale: Offers scalable solutions for growing businesses.
  • Software Development Teams: Includes features like bug tracking.
  • Enterprises Seeking Integrations: Easily integrates with other Zoho Suite tools and third-party apps.
  • Complex Project Management: Provides tools for handling complex tasks and project planning.
  • Team Collaboration and Coordination: Enhances team collaboration with discussion forums and document sharing.
  • Tracking and Reporting: Offers robust tracking and reporting capabilities for data-driven decisions.
  • Task management with dependencies
  • Gantt charts for visual planning
  • Time tracking and timesheet approvals
  • Bug tracking for software projects
  • Resource allocation and utilization charts
  • File storage and document sharing
  • Integration with other Zoho apps and popular third-party tools
  • Mobile apps for iOS and Android

Zoho Projects offers a free version with limited features, and its paid plans start at $5 per user per month.

Zoho Projects Pricing plans Free for 3 users

Zoho Projects provides a user-friendly experience with a range of customizable options. The mobile apps ensure a consistent experience across devices.

Zoho Projects offers a strong support community, including forums, guides, webinars, and responsive customer service.

Rich feature setCan be overwhelming for beginners
Scalable for growing businessesSome features may require a learning curve
Strong integration optionsIssues with occasional bugs
Affordable pricingLimited custom fields in lower-tier plans
  • Extensive and customizable features
  • Scalability for different business sizes
  • Strong integration with Zoho Suite
  • Affordable pricing for small businesses
  • Mobile apps for on-the-go access
  • Complexity for beginners
  • Learning curve for some advanced features
  • Occasional bugs reported by users
  • Limitations in lower-tier plans

Zoho Projects

Tap into the power of comprehensive project management with Zoho Projects, catering to various business needs with scalability and integration.

getxmedia zoho icon 300x300 1


Nifty is a modern project management tool that aims to align project goals, communication, and workflow. Its interface is designed to enhance collaboration and efficiency for small to large businesses.

  • Startups and Small Businesses: With its intuitive design, it suits startups needing to streamline project management.
  • Marketing and Creative Teams: Offers features that cater to creative processes and collaboration.
  • Remote Teams: Includes tools that foster communication among dispersed team members.
  • Fragmented Workflow: Consolidates tasks, discussions, and documents into one platform.
  • Tracking Project Milestones: Enables real-time tracking of project milestones and tasks.
  • Enhancing Team Collaboration: Facilitates team communication with integrated messaging tools.
  • Project and task management
  • Milestone tracking
  • Collaborative document editing
  • Integrated team chat
  • Time tracking and reporting
  • Portfolio management
  • Mobile apps for iOS and Android
  • Integrations with popular tools like Slack, Google Drive, and more

Nifty offers a free trial, and paid plans begin at $39 per month for a small team.

Nifty Plans Pricing for Startups and Enterprises

Nifty provides a sleek and intuitive interface designed to enhance collaboration and efficiency. The mobile apps extend the experience to various devices.

Nifty has a robust support community, with a knowledge base, tutorials, webinars, and responsive customer service.

Intuitive interfaceLimited features in lower-tier plans
Integrated collaboration toolsSome users report usability issues
Affordable pricingMay lack depth in certain functionalities
Good mobile experienceLimited customization options
  • Streamlined and sleek design
  • Integrated chat and collaboration tools
  • Real-time tracking of tasks and milestones
  • Scalable pricing for different team sizes
  • Strong mobile experience
  • Limitations in lower-tier plans
  • Occasional usability issues
  • Lack of depth in certain features
  • Limited options for customization


Experience streamlined project management with Nifty, designed to align goals, workflow, and communication in an intuitive interface.

getxmedia nifty icon 300x300 1


Asana is a popular project management tool known for its flexibility and user-friendly design. Designed to help teams organize, track, and manage their work, Asana offers features suitable for various industries, ranging from small businesses to large corporations.

  • Small to Medium-Sized Businesses: It offers scalable features to match growing needs.
  • Marketing and Creative Agencies: With tools for campaign planning and content scheduling.
  • Remote and In-House Teams: Facilitates collaboration and communication for dispersed teams.
  • Disorganized Project Tracking: Helps in streamlining project tracking and task management.
  • Lack of Team Collaboration: Enhances team communication with integrated conversation tools.
  • Inefficient Workflows: Automates routine tasks and creates efficient workflows.
  • Customizable task and project management
  • Timeline views and calendar integrations
  • Workflow automation and rule setting
  • File attachments and document collaboration
  • Time tracking (through integrations)
  • Mobile apps for iOS and Android
  • Integration with tools like Slack, Google Drive, and more

Asana provides a free version with basic features, and paid plans start at $10.99 per user per month.

Asana Pricing Free Premium Business Enterprise plans • Asana

Asana’s user interface is known for its intuitiveness and flexibility, allowing customization according to project needs. The mobile apps ensure access on various devices.

Asana’s support community is robust, featuring forums, guides, webinars, and responsive customer service.

Highly customizablePaid plans can be expensive
Rich feature setLearning curve for some features
Strong integration optionsLimited offline capabilities
Excellent mobile experienceCustomer support mainly online
  • Flexible and intuitive design
  • Automation capabilities for efficiency
  • Scalable features for growing businesses
  • Strong integration options
  • Vibrant community and support
  • Costs can add up for larger teams
  • Some features may require training
  • Limited offline access
  • Customer support mainly through online channels


Optimize team collaboration and workflow efficiency with Asana’s customizable and intuitive project management tools.

getxmedia asana 300x300 1


Wrike is a versatile project management software that caters to various business sizes, from small startups to global enterprises. Known for its comprehensive features and flexibility, it supports both simple task management and complex project planning.

  • Project-Based BusinessesWrike’s features are built to support complex project management.
  • Marketing Teams: Its customizable workflows can be tailored for marketing campaigns.
  • Remote and Distributed Teams: Collaboration tools support teams regardless of location.
  • Disjointed Team CollaborationWrike enhances collaboration with integrated chat, file sharing, and more.
  • Complex Project Planning: Supports large-scale planning with Gantt charts, timelines, and dependencies.
  • Inefficient Work Processes: Automation features streamline recurring tasks and workflows.
  • Task and project management with dependencies
  • Customizable dashboards and reporting
  • Gantt charts and timeline views
  • Workflow automation
  • Integrated collaboration tools
  • Time tracking and budget management
  • Mobile apps for iOS and Android
  • Wide range of integrations with tools like Salesforce, Google Workspace, etc.

Wrike offers a free version for small teams, and paid plans start at $9.80 per user per month.

Plans and Pricing Wrike

Wrike’s interface is user-friendly but can be complex given its rich feature set. The mobile apps maintain functionality across devices.

Extensive and adaptable featuresCan be complex for small or simple projects
Great for complex project managementLearning curve for certain features
Wide range of integrationsCustomer service might be slow at times
Strong mobile functionalityHigher-tier plans can be expensive
  • Comprehensive set of tools
  • Adaptability to different project needs
  • Automation capabilities
  • Robust mobile experience
  • Strong integrations
  • Complexity for smaller projects
  • Some features may need training to utilize
  • Occasional slow customer service
  • Pricing for higher-tier plans


Harness the power of flexible project management and collaboration with Wrike’s comprehensive solutions, suitable for a wide range of business sizes and types.

getxmedia wrike icon 300x300 1 is a work operating system that powers teams to run projects and workflows with confidence. It’s a simple but intuitive tool that enables people to manage work, meet deadlines, and build a culture of transparency.

  • Small to Large Businesses: Versatile enough for various industries and team sizes.
  • Marketing and Sales Teams: Provides tools specifically designed for lead and campaign management.
  • Collaborative Teams: Promotes visibility and collaboration across departments.
  • Inefficient Communication: Centralizes communication threads related to tasks and projects.
  • Lack of Project Visibility: Enhances visibility with customizable views and dashboards.
  • Time-consuming Task Management: Automates routine work and streamlines task assignment.
  • Drag-and-drop task management
  • Customizable workflow templates
  • Time tracking and productivity insights
  • Integrated document management
  • Automation and integrations (e.g., Slack, Zoom, Salesforce)
  • Mobile apps for iOS and Android offers a free trial, and paid plans start at $8 per user per month. pricing and plans’s interface is bright and engaging, designed for ease of use without sacrificing functionality. Mobile optimization ensures smooth use on various devices.

With a robust knowledge base, community forums, webinars, and 24/7 customer support, provides a well-rounded support system.

User-friendly designCan be expensive for larger teams
Extensive customizationSome features may overlap
Strong mobile applicationLearning curve for advanced features
Excellent customer supportLimited offline access
  • Intuitive and enjoyable user experience
  • High customization possibilities
  • Efficient automation capabilities
  • Strong integration options
  • Responsive customer support
  • Cost scaling with team size
  • Occasional complexity in advanced features
  • Limited offline functionality
  • Some overlapping features

Unleash the power of seamless project management and team collaboration with, a versatile platform that adapts to your team’s needs.

getxmedia monday v2 300x300 1


Jira by Atlassian is a well-known project management solution specifically tailored for software development teams. It provides robust functionalities for tracking, managing, and releasing software, and it’s considered an industry standard in Agile development.

  • Software Development Teams: Offers Agile boards and specific tools for developers.
  • Quality Assurance Teams: Provides functionalities for tracking bugs and issues.
  • Mid to Large-Scale Tech Companies: Scalable features to accommodate growth.
  • Fragmented Development Cycles: Consolidates different phases of software development.
  • Inefficient Bug Tracking: Offers specialized tools for logging and tracking issues.
  • Lack of Collaboration in Development: Enhances collaboration with integrations and shared views.
  • Agile boards for Scrum, Kanban, or mixed methodologies
  • Customizable workflows with automation
  • Issue and bug tracking system
  • Time tracking and reporting tools
  • Integration with development tools (e.g., Bitbucket, GitHub)
  • Mobile app available for iOS and Android
  • Rich API for custom integrations

Jira offers a free tier for small teams, and paid plans begin at $7 per user per month.

Jira Pricing Monthly and Annual Subscription Cost per User

Jira is recognized for its comprehensive features but can be overwhelming for new users. It’s optimized for the web, with mobile apps providing on-the-go access.

Jira’s support is extensive, with community forums, knowledge base, and premium support options.

Highly specialized for developersCan be complex for non-developers
Rich in featuresMight be overkill for small projects
Strong integration optionsCosts can be high for large teams
Good mobile functionalitySteeper learning curve
  • Robust functionalities for software development
  • Scalable for various team sizes
  • Strong integration capabilities
  • Agile methodologies support
  • Complexity for non-development projects
  • Learning curve for new users
  • Can be costly for large teams
  • Might be excessive for simple tasks


Unleash the power of seamless project management and team collaboration with, a versatile platform that adapts to your team’s needs.

getxmedia jira v2 300x300 1


Basecamp is a highly acclaimed project management and collaboration tool that offers an all-in-one solution for businesses. Its simplicity and focus on essential functionalities make it an appealing choice for small businesses and teams that want to keep things straightforward.

  • Small to Mid-Sized Businesses: Ideal for those seeking simplicity without sacrificing core functionalities.
  • Remote Teams: Offers features that facilitate smooth collaboration across various locations.
  • Creative and Marketing Agencies: Its project-centric approach is tailored for client work.
  • Overly Complex Tools: Offers a streamlined interface for easy adoption.
  • Communication Overload: Consolidates chats, emails, and notifications in one place.
  • Inefficient Project Oversight: Enhances project visibility with shared schedules and to-do lists.
  • To-do lists with assignable tasks
  • Message boards for team collaboration
  • Shared schedules and automatic check-ins
  • File storage and document sharing
  • Client access features
  • Mobile apps for iOS and Android

Basecamp offers a free personal plan, and business plans are available at a flat rate of $99 per month, regardless of user count.

Basecamp’s interface is clean and intuitive, making it accessible to new users. The mobile apps ensure consistent access and usability.

Basecamp’s support community includes online forums, how-to guides, and responsive email support.

Simple and user-friendlyLimited advanced features
Flat pricing modelMay not scale for complex projects
Effective client collaborationLimited integration options
Excellent mobile experienceLacks Gantt charts or time tracking
  • Ease of use
  • Flat pricing structure
  • Client access features
  • Simplified project management
  • Responsive mobile apps
  • Absence of advanced features
  • Limited integrations
  • Potential scalability issues
  • Lack of time tracking tools


If you seek a simple yet effective project management solution that brings your team together without unnecessary complexities, Basecamp could be the ideal choice.

getxmedia basecamp v2 300x300 1


ProofHub is a versatile project management and team collaboration software that caters to businesses of all sizes. It combines essential project management tools with advanced collaboration features, all in an easy-to-navigate interface.

  • Diverse Business Types: Suitable for marketing agencies, product teams, and freelancers.
  • Teams Needing Client Collaboration: Provides tools for seamless collaboration with clients.
  • Project Managers: Offers detailed reporting and workflow customization.
  • Disconnected Teams: Enhances team collaboration with discussion boards and real-time chat.
  • Complex Workflow Management: Customizable workflows and Kanban boards simplify processes.
  • Inconsistent Client Communication: Enables client collaboration without losing context.
  • Customizable Kanban boards
  • Task and subtask creation with assignment
  • Time tracking and reporting tools
  • Integrated calendar and scheduling
  • File sharing and proofing tools
  • Mobile app available for iOS and Android

ProofHub offers a flat pricing structure with plans starting at $45 per month for unlimited users.


Flat And Simple Pricing Built For Every Business ProofHub v2

ProofHub’s user experience is praised for its simplicity and intuitive design. Its mobile apps ensure consistent and efficient access across devices.

Easy to useLimited third-party integrations
Flat pricing for unlimited usersSome features may lack depth
Client collaboration toolsNo free plan available
Strong reporting featuresCustomization limitations
Easy to useLimited third-party integrations
Flat pricing for unlimited usersSome features may lack depth
Client collaboration toolsNo free plan available
Strong reporting featuresCustomization limitations
  • Simple and intuitive interface
  • Flat pricing with unlimited users
  • Integrated proofing tools
  • Client collaboration features
  • Comprehensive reporting capabilities
  • Limited integration with other tools
  • Lack of a free tier
  • Some features may lack advanced functionalities
  • Potential limitations in customization


For teams and businesses seeking a balanced blend of project management and collaboration tools without breaking the bank, ProofHub could be a solid option.

getxmedia proofhub 300x300 1

Comparison Table

Here is a side-by-side comparison of each service provider.

Service ProviderKey FeaturesPricingProsCons
NotionIntegrated Notes, Kanban BoardsFree to $8/user/monthVersatile, CustomizableLearning Curve
ClickUpTasks, Time TrackingFree to $19/user/monthComprehensive FeaturesCan Be Overwhelming
TrelloKanban Boards, Power-UpsFree to $17.50/user/monthUser-FriendlyLimited Advanced Features
PaymoTime Tracking, Invoicing$9.56 to $15.16/user/monthIntegrated BillingLess Suitable for Large Teams
TeamGanttGantt Charts, Collaboration$24.95 to $89.95/monthVisual Project ViewsLimited Task Management
ZohoComprehensive Suite, Automations$3 to $6/user/monthScalable, Integrated SuiteComplexity
NiftyMilestones, Portfolios$39 to $149/monthProject OverviewLimited Integrations
AsanaTask Management, WorkflowsFree to $30.49/user/monthCustomizable WorkflowsLimited Reporting
WrikeTemplates, Request FormsFree to Custom PricingRobust FeaturesSteep Learning Curve
Monday.comVisual Boards, Integrations$8 to $16/user/monthIntuitive InterfacePricing Can Add Up
JiraAgile Tools, Development Focus$7 to $14/user/monthDevelopment SpecializationComplexity
BasecampFlat Pricing, Simple Interface$99/month flatEase of UseLimited Advanced Features
ProofHubCustomizable Kanban, Unlimited Users$45/monthEasy to Use, Flat PricingLimited Integrations, No Free Plan

Conclusion & Recommendations

Selecting the right project management software involves evaluating your specific needs and the nature of your business:

Each of the 13 software providers brings unique capabilities and strengths. From Notion’s versatile customization to TeamGantt’s visual project views, and Zoho’s scalable integrated suite, the right tool for your business will align with your specific objectives, budget, and team collaboration needs.

Considering free trials, exploring community support, and identifying essential features are key steps in finding the perfect match for your small business. Your investment in the right project management software can profoundly impact your team’s productivity and project success.

Feel free to reach out for further assistance in tailoring the best solution for your specific needs.

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