BoothRight: 15X Web Leads Through PPC Advertising with Get X Media

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    Client Overview:

    BoothRight is a leading paint booth installation and service company with over 150 paint booths installed in the past 12 years. They cater to a diverse clientele, including automotive dealerships, vehicle maintenance shops, autobody shops, airport maintenance hangars, and heavy-duty mechanic shops. Known for their personalized service, BoothRight oversees every aspect of the installation process and provides staff training for their clients.

    Background and Problem Statement:

    BoothRight sought to further develop its brand and virtual presence through a digital marketing strategy and website design service. They needed a comprehensive online advertising strategy to increase their visibility online and target their preferred clients for new business.

    Objectives and Strategy:

    Get X Media aimed to accomplish the following objectives for BoothRight:

    • Create a customer-focused, modern website to drive leads
    • Develop a comprehensive online advertising strategy
    • Increase online visibility and improve searchability


    Get X Media started by researching BoothRight’s competitors and determining the best avenues for advertising. They crafted compelling ad copy to drive traffic to the site and help BoothRight stand out online. The team provided a range of services, including logo and graphic design, video editing, photo editing, local SEO services, website design services, and online advertising services through a PPC Google campaign.

    The newly designed website included an FAQ page outlining the entire process of receiving a paint booth, promoting transparency and enhancing customer relationships. BoothRight’s website was built using the latest and most innovative technologies, ensuring a high-performance, user-friendly experience.

    Results and Impact:

    Following the execution of Get X Media’s digital marketing strategy, BoothRight experienced a 1500% increase in website leads and traffic. The new website and online advertising campaign effectively boosted their online visibility, allowing them to reach more clients and generate new business.

    Conclusion and Key Takeaways:

    The successful collaboration between BoothRight and Get X Media demonstrates the importance of partnering with a skilled and experienced digital marketing agency. By focusing on website optimization, user experience, and targeted advertising, Get X Media effectively helped BoothRight enhance their online presence and attract more customers.

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