Dean Hopkins: Creating a Compelling Campaign for Calgary’s Mayoral Candidate with Get X Media

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    Client Overview:

    Dean Hopkins, a dedicated philanthropist and volunteer, decided to run for Mayor of Calgary to make a difference in the city he loves. He has been actively involved in the community through attending council meetings, volunteer work, and by putting his name on the ballot for the mayoral race.

    Background and Problem Statement:

    Dean sought Get X Media’s assistance to develop a powerful online presence for his campaign, communicate his message effectively, and document his journey towards the election.

    Objectives and Strategy:

    Get X Media aimed to achieve the following objectives for Dean Hopkins:

    • Create an engaging, informative website to showcase his campaign
    • Capture and share his story through multimedia content
    • Provide continuous updates and support throughout the campaign
    • Utilize digital marketing services to help him stand out from competitors


    Get X Media leveraged their Philanthropy Fund to support Dean’s campaign by designing and maintaining a dynamic website filled with useful information for Calgary voters. They provided continuous updates to the website and worked around the clock to ensure its relevance. In addition to web design, Get X Media produced captivating multimedia content, including introduction videos, event photographs, and drone footage showcasing the beauty of Calgary. The team was committed to supporting Dean’s campaign by working long hours and delivering high-quality content.

    Results and Impact:

    Dean’s campaign website, developed by Get X Media, has been recognized as the most informative and engaging among the mayoral candidates. The multimedia content produced by Get X Media helped convey Dean’s dedication and passion for the city of Calgary. As the election approaches, Get X Media remains committed to supporting Dean’s campaign, ensuring that his message continues to resonate with voters.

    Additional Services:

    Get X Media provided an array of services for Dean’s campaign, including:

    • Social media setup and management
    • Content formatting
    • SEO services for 27 top-ranking keywords on Google
    • Email newsletter creation
    • Digital marketing growth consulting
    • On-site photography and case study documentation
    • Video production for commercials and FAQ videos
    • Drone production for aerial footage

    Conclusion and Key Takeaways:

    Get X Media’s comprehensive approach to digital marketing and content production has significantly contributed to Dean Hopkins’ mayoral campaign. By developing a captivating online presence and effectively communicating his message, Dean has gained the support and attention of the people of Calgary. This case study demonstrates the power of a well-rounded digital marketing strategy in driving a successful political campaign.

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