It’s Okay Canada: Empowering Mental Health Awareness with Get X Media

It's Okay Canada Case Study Mockup

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    Client Overview:

    It’s Okay Canada is a non-profit organization founded by Danny Legresley, dedicated to ending the stigma, raising awareness, and continuing the conversation about mental health. Based in Calgary, AB, Danny has organized numerous initiatives to support the local community, such as clothing and bedding donations for The Mustard Seed, providing lunches for children, and running fundraisers to spread awareness.

    Background and Problem Statement: In order to further develop and expand the reach of the It’s Okay Not To Be Okay movement, Danny required professional support in the areas of website design, graphic design, and custom clothing to help effectively share his message and raise funds for mental health awareness.

    Objectives and Strategy:

    Get X Media aimed to achieve the following objectives for It’s Okay Canada:

    • Provide discounted or free services through the Get X Philanthropy Fund to support the organization’s growth and impact
    • Develop an engaging website for It’s Okay Canada to showcase their initiatives and sell custom merchandise
    • Design and print custom t-shirts to raise funds for mental health awareness in the local community


    Get X Media collaborated with Danny and It’s Okay Canada through their Get X Philanthropy Fund, offering their services and expertise in website design, graphic design, and custom clothing at discounted rates or free of charge. This partnership allowed Danny to focus on his mission while Get X Media handled the technical aspects of the organization’s online presence and merchandise design.

    The custom t-shirts, designed by Get X Media, are available for purchase online, with 100% of proceeds going towards raising mental health awareness in the local community. Each shirt sold brings the organization one step closer to funding another Mental Health Scholarship for a deserving school in Canada.

    Results and Impact:

    By partnering with Get X Media, It’s Okay Canada has been able to create an engaging online platform and custom merchandise to further their mission of raising mental health awareness. The collaboration has helped increase the organization’s reach, enabling them to make a greater difference in the local community.

    Conclusion and Key Takeaways:

    The collaboration between It’s Okay Canada and Get X Media has been a powerful example of how businesses and non-profit organizations can work together to make a meaningful impact in their communities. By offering their services and expertise, Get X Media has played a crucial role in supporting It’s Okay Canada’s mission of raising mental health awareness and ending the stigma around the topic.

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