Landscaping By Marcel: Revitalizing an Online Presence with Get X Media

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    Client Overview:

    Landscaping By Marcel is a full-service landscape firm based in Calgary, AB, offering over a decade of experience in commercial and residential landscaping. Since 2008, they have specialized in landscape design, installation, property lawn care, and snow removal services.

    Background and Problem Statement:

    Marcel initially hired another website design company to build his online presence, but they left him with an unfinished and error-ridden website. In need of a professional and reliable digital marketing agency, Marcel turned to Get X Media to help optimize and complete his website.

    Objectives and Strategy:

    Get X Media aimed to achieve the following objectives for Landscaping By Marcel:

    • Assess and correct the errors on the unfinished website
    • Optimize the website for SEO to increase organic search rankings
    • Enhance the company’s digital presence with a customer-focused, modern website design


    Get X Media utilized their expertise in SEO optimization and digital marketing strategies to revamp Landscaping By Marcel’s online presence. They edited existing photos and worked diligently to build a functional, error-free, and visually appealing website.

    Additionally, Get X Media provided Landscaping By Marcel with digital marketing research and strategy development, graphic design and branding services, and a high-performance web design that drives leads based on well-researched search terms.

    Results and Impact:

    With Get X Media’s support, Landscaping By Marcel now boasts a fully optimized, modern, and user-friendly website that accurately represents their business and services. The new website not only attracts more potential customers but also positions Landscaping By Marcel as an industry leader in the Calgary area.

    Conclusion and Key Takeaways:

    The collaboration between Landscaping By Marcel and Get X Media demonstrates the importance of selecting a reliable and experienced digital marketing agency to ensure a strong online presence. By entrusting their website design and digital marketing needs to Get X Media, Landscaping By Marcel has significantly improved their online visibility, resulting in increased leads and business growth.

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