Maison Exteriors: Top SEO Rankings from Web Design by Get X Media

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    Client Overview:

    Maison Exteriors is a boutique exterior siding company with over 20 years of experience, specializing in high-end rain screens, professional siding, and roofing applications. The company has a proven record of excellence, delivering sleek and well-designed architectural details installed by highly skilled experts.

    Background and Problem Statement:

    Despite investing in a marketing strategy, Maison Exteriors was not achieving the desired results from their advertising efforts. Their website lacked optimization for conversions, and the company needed a fresh approach to improve their online presence.

    Objectives and Strategy:

    Get X Media aimed to accomplish the following objectives for Maison Exteriors:

    • Redesign and optimize the website for conversions
    • Develop a well-researched online advertising campaign
    • Improve the company’s online presence and searchability


    Get X Media began by conducting an audit of Maison Exteriors’ existing digital assets and identifying the need for a technically innovative and highly functional website. The team developed a strong and consistent branding framework, followed by a comprehensive ad strategy.

    By researching industry competitors, Get X Media ensured that Maison Exteriors would stand out in the crowded exterior design market. The redesigned website focused on a user-friendly layout, search engine optimization, and effectively communicating the company’s brand message.

    The new website emphasized Maison Exteriors’ values, professionalism, and approachability, with detailed bios of core team members and a clear outline of their services. Testimonials from prominent clients were featured prominently on the landing page, solidifying the company’s reputation.

    Results and Impact:

    Within two months, the revamped website ranked in the top three positions on Google for “Exterior Siding Vancouver,” demonstrating the effectiveness of Get X Media’s SEO site structure. The new website design and online advertising campaign led to increased conversions and customer leads, and Maison Exteriors is now considering expanding into local SEO services.

    Conclusion and Key Takeaways:

    The collaboration between Maison Exteriors and Get X Media showcases the importance of working with a skilled and experienced digital marketing agency. By focusing on website optimization, user experience, and targeted advertising, Get X Media successfully helped Maison Exteriors enhance their online presence and attract more customers.

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