Official Plumbing and Heating: 300% Increase in Lead Generation with Get X Media

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    Client Overview:

    Official Plumbing and Heating is a highly regarded plumbing and heating service provider in Calgary, known for their meticulous work and commitment to treating customers with respect. Despite their strong reputation within the community, they sought to improve their online presence and searchability to attract more customers.

    Background and Problem Statement:

    The company approached Get X Media after their previous digital marketing agency failed to achieve their growth goals. Official Plumbing and Heating wanted a well-researched online advertising campaign to increase new customer leads and overall online visibility.

    Objectives and Strategy:

    Get X Media aimed to accomplish the following objectives for Official Plumbing and Heating:

    • Enhance online presence and searchability
    • Increase new customer leads
    • Optimize website design and conversion rate


    Get X Media introduced a series of Google ad campaigns, including call tracking and form tracking, enabling Official Plumbing and Heating to calculate their ROI using the Get X SmartTrack system. Through competitor analysis, keyword research, and ongoing benchmarks, Get X Media ensured complete transparency with the client.

    Additionally, Get X Media completed conversion rate optimization and website design services to increase leads. They conducted thorough digital market research to identify the successes and failures of competitors’ marketing strategies, enabling them to fully optimize Official Plumbing and Heating’s online advertising campaign for top conversions.

    Results and Impact:

    Within six months, Official Plumbing and Heating experienced a 300% increase in website leads and 900% more traffic, thanks to Get X Media’s digital marketing efforts. The company’s online presence in Calgary and the surrounding area has been significantly amplified, and they continue to benefit from the ongoing monitoring and adjustments made to their advertising campaigns.

    Conclusion and Key Takeaways:

    The collaboration between Official Plumbing and Heating and Get X Media highlights the importance of working with a reliable and experienced digital marketing agency. By adopting innovative methods and maintaining transparency, Get X Media has successfully helped Official Plumbing and Heating achieve maximum ROI, grow their online presence, and attract more customers.

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