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Pathwell - Digital Marketing Specialist Case Study

At Get X Media, we proudly talk about and support our clients in every way possible. The following is a case study of our digital marketing services at work. We share these as badges of honour and as thank you to our clients for continuing to support our business and put trust in our digital marketing services.

Heartfelt Therapy and Counselling Services
review from the client
The transparency that comes with working with Get X Media is incredibly valuable to us and we sincerely appreciate all the hard work. Glad we found you!
Dr. Di Giulio

Digital Marketing Case Study at Pathwell provides heartfelt therapy and counseling

Pathwell provides heartfelt therapy and counselling services aiding clients all across Canada through in-person and virtual consultations. They assist both individuals in their mental health journey as well as provide corporate services to organizations in high-stress environments. Having a ‘no health without mental health’ mindset, this company’s empathetic staff members have developed and perfected an incredible ability to bring clarity to the complexities of mental health.

The founder and CEO of Pathwell Dr. Gina Di Giulio initially reached out to us for a new method of gaining further customer engagement through a digital marketing strategy, a new website development, marketing automation, and online advertising services. Pathwell knew the services they provided were of a high standard but simply were not achieving the level of recognition and customer reach they desired.

Starting on our Pathwell marketing journey our team took the time and effort to study and understand this company’s target market and vision. Using a unique, systematic, time-tested, and professional website design service we designed a site that emphasized this vision as well as optimized speed, security, hosting, customer experience, and local search engine optimization. The new company website now showcases Dr. Di Giulio, her dedicated, hard-working client-focused team, and service offerings with content focussed on solving problems, outlining benefits, and converting visitors into leads for the business. 

During the initial digital marketing strategy, we developed and launched a dynamic and trackable lead magnet and automated marketing campaign which targets persons who wrestle with anxiety. The campaign provides a supportive anxiety guide to potential and resolution-oriented individuals. This was developed with the sincere hope of guiding potential clients to this genuine, heartfelt organization with access to a full range of mental health services. The campaign drove leads into the business however, these leads were not converting into actual customers for the business so we had to adjust our strategy in light of the data that we were getting.

To better understand Pathwells customers and how we could achieve a substantial increase in engagement we went to work on researching their competitors, customers, and market. This research has helped in the design and development of some highly effective online advertising services. This type of advertising places Pathwell in front of highly qualified customers searching for counselling services on Google near their clinic location. 

Initial feedback on the new website design services, graphics design services, business card printing, and digital marketing strategy has been overwhelmingly positive even though there were some unforeseen challenges on the way. While we actively monitor ROI through phone call tracking, website analytics, and online advertising data, it is important to understand that sometimes strategies need to be adjusted in order to achieve the results the company is looking for.

At Get X Media, we guarantee results in 90 days for our online advertising services or we work for free. With Pathwell case study, although some results had been achieved through our initial efforts we stepped up and delivered on a series of website development changes, and rebuilt their marketing campaign with a tighter market focus, an optimized landing page. This marketing campaign resulted in daily phone calls that initiate many lasting and socially beneficial client relationships and it is in our belief that the return on their investment will be very high.

Get X Digital Marketing Essentials

Almondine Foods Digital Marketing Research
Digital Marketing Research and Strategy Development

Often overlooked and under-utilized, proper market research sets the foundations for success throughout any digital marketing campaign. This information is kept confidential.

Pathwell Logo Graphic
Graphic Design and Branding Services

Using the industrys best design software and top local talent we were able to rebrand the company with digital assets we could use across all marketing and advertising mediums.

Pathwell Logo Website Mockup
Web Design
Hassle-Free High Performance Web Design

A customer-focused, modern website redesign geared to drive leads into the business based on well-researched search terms.

Get X Digital Marketing Growth Services

| Get X Media
SEO Optimized Site Structure

Every website design service done by Get X Media comes with a guaranteed SEO site structure up to Google standards and free from any SEO errors.

| Get X Media
Google PPC Advertising

Custom build advertising strategy and campaign build using Google PPC advertising promoting service around their clinic location.

Pathwell Logo Ebook Cover
Downloadable Guide to Anxiety and Automation Email Series

Created and automated an email onboarding educational campaign geared to drive qualified customers into the business and educate an industry.

Get X Media Production Services Provided

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Photo Editing for Website Design

Editing all photos supplied to ensure clean aesthetics and proper formatting for website design services.

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