Pathwell: Expanding Customer Reach and Engagement through Get X Media’s Tailored Digital Marketing Strategy

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    Client Overview:

    Pathwell is a compassionate therapy and counseling services provider, offering in-person and virtual consultations for individuals and corporate clients across Canada. Their dedicated team focuses on mental health and well-being, striving to bring clarity to the complexities of mental health issues.

    Background and Problem Statement:

    Dr. Gina Di Giulio, the founder and CEO of Pathwell, sought Get X Media’s expertise to enhance customer engagement through digital marketing, website development, marketing automation, and online advertising services. While Pathwell was confident in the quality of their services, they struggled to achieve the desired level of recognition and customer reach.

    Objectives and Strategy:

    Get X Media aimed to achieve the following objectives for Pathwell:

    • Increase customer engagement and reach
    • Develop an optimized, user-friendly website
    • Implement a targeted marketing automation campaign
    • Enhance brand visibility through online advertising


    Get X Media conducted extensive research on Pathwell’s target market and vision, designing a professional website optimized for speed, security, hosting, customer experience, and local SEO. They also launched a dynamic, trackable lead magnet and automated marketing campaign targeting individuals struggling with anxiety. After the initial campaign failed to convert leads into customers, Get X Media adjusted their strategy, conducting further research to design more effective online advertising services focused on Pathwell’s clinic location.

    Results and Impact:

    Get X Media’s tailored marketing strategy led to overwhelmingly positive feedback on the new website design, graphic design services, business card printing, and digital marketing strategy. By actively monitoring ROI, phone call tracking, website analytics, and online advertising data, they successfully adjusted their strategy to achieve better results. The revamped marketing campaign resulted in daily phone calls, fostering lasting and beneficial client relationships, and a substantial return on investment for Pathwell.

    Additional Services:

    Get X Media provided graphic design, branding services, and photo editing to enhance Pathwell’s overall brand image. They also created a downloadable anxiety guide and automated email onboarding campaign to drive qualified customers into the business and educate the industry.

    Conclusion and Key Takeaways:

    Get X Media’s adaptive, results-driven approach to digital marketing, combined with their expertise in website design, marketing automation, and online advertising, significantly improved Pathwell’s customer engagement and reach. This case study highlights the importance of continuous monitoring, analysis, and strategy adjustments to achieve desired results in a dynamic market.

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