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Urban Piping - Digital Marketing Case Study

At Get X Media, we proudly talk about and support our clients in every way possible. The following is a case study of our digital marketing services at work. We share these as badges of honour and as thank you to our clients for continuing to support our business and put trust in our digital marketing services.

review from the client
"We analyzed over a dozen marketing agencies in Canada and Get X Media offered to go through every proposal that we were pitched, broke it down for us, and built something completely custom that was specific to what our business needed."
Graham Drew
Urban Piping Ltd.

From Neighbourhood Plumber to National Industry Leader.

Graham Drew, the Founder, and CEO of Urban Piping had reached out to us with an extremely well-thought-out vision. He knew exactly where he wanted to be, and what he was going to do when he got there. What he needed was guidance on navigating the various marketing tactics available and a team with the skills to deliver.

Our team took the time to study his company, his market, and his vision. We introduced Graham to the inner workings of our local SEO services and online advertising strategies with complete transparency offering him the ability to have complete oversight and involvement in every step of the campaign.

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Over a period of 12 months, we relentlessly worked through an aggressive digital marketing strategy that would exceed our own expectations. Increasing the volume of leads by over 1700%, placing Urban Piping on the front page of Google for over 27 competitive keywords, and developing a public relations media newsroom including over 52 video productions and over 100 content publications for added exposure caused some growth problems to say the least. We’ll never forget the phone call when he jokingly asked us if we could “turn off the marketing”. Our answer was “this is what you asked for, you’d better hire some staff”. That is an important takeaway when success comes from a well-researched local SEO strategy. When a business achieves these top Google rankings, the local market begins to sway in the business’s favour they begin to dominate local markets.

As the business grew rapidly, new problems became apparent in the marketing department that required our attention. We had to step up our game due to the rapid amount of competitors coming into the industry. Once again, back to the drawing board, we developed a second campaign. This was different now though, we had the success of the business, however, working with the leader in an industry we needed to address the market a bit differently. We talked about options and agreed to tackle the challenge through an education public relations outreach campaign geared to help homeowners understand the importance of quality service in the Poly B industry and advise on the importance of hiring qualified contractors.

We built the campaign, designed a complete guide to poly b piping, constructed a contractor hiring checklist, developed automated marketing systems, developed a custom searchable map based on data we extracted from local municipalities and delivered press releases to over 700 news companies in Canada. The response was incredible. Not only were we helping an entire market including their customers but the business has continued to grow again, more than we had initially expected.

Get X Digital Marketing Essentials

Almondine Foods Digital Marketing Research
Digital Marketing Research and Strategy Development

Often overlooked and under-utilized, proper market research sets the foundations for success throughout any digital marketing campaign. This information is kept confidential.

| Get X Media
Graphic Design and Branding Services

Using the industrys best design software and top local talent we were able to rebrand the company with digital assets we could use across all marketing and advertising mediums.

| Get X Media
Web Design
Hassle-Free High Performance Web Design

A customer-focused, modern website redesign geared to drive leads into the business based on well-researched search terms.

Get X Digital Marketing Growth Services

| Get X Media
27 Top Ranking Keywords on Google in a Competitive Industry

Over 120,000 words of content written, press releases published, and tactical SEO skills we’re put to use to produce over 17X the traffic to the website in the first 12 months.

| Get X Media
Google and Youtube PPC Advertising

Custom build advertising strategy and campaign build using Google PPC Ads, re-marketing, and YouTube advertising promoting 3 locations across Canada. 

| Get X Media
Downloadable Guide to Poly B + Checklist Automation Email Series

Created and automated an email onboarding educational campaign geared to drive qualified customers into the business and educate an industry.

Get X Media Production Services Provided

| Get X Media
Job Site Photography & Case Study Documentation

On-site photography services in Calgary and Penticton along with documenting over 120 case studies on Poly B pipe replacement including before, middle, and after photos.

| Get X Media
Video Production
Over 50 Commercials and FAQ Videos Published

On-site filming of over 50 FAQ videos on plumbing as well as the production of two commercials used in advertising campaigns. 

Get X Marketing Materials

| Get X Media
Marketing Materials
Printing Collateral and Targeted DIrect Mail Marketing Campaigns

Business cards, flyers, stickers, brochures and more have been produced as well as the design, print, and direct mail delivery services managed through a Canada Post partnership.

| Get X Media
Custom Clothing
Staff Uniforms - T-Shirts, Polos, Hoodies

Using a state of the art production facility we screen printed custom branded shirts, hoodies, and polo shirts for their entire staff team.

| Get X Media
Promotional Products
Marketing Materials, Custom Clothing, and Promotional Products

Custom phone sockets designed, printed, and delivered as a part of a promotional campaign.

Get X Media

Digital Marketing Case Studies