Market Research and a Winning Digital Marketing Strategy

Often overlooked and under-utilized, proper market research sets the foundations for success throughout any digital marketing campaign. Better understand your customers, competitors, and market to gain unfair advantages over competing businesses through a customized digital marketing strategy.

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“The information that we got from Get X Media about our customers and competitors made us rethink our entire digital marketing strategy.”
Liz Burt
Evolve Business Group

Introduction to Digital Marketing Services

If you are looking to build your empire in a significant way, you are going to need to know what your customers want. We're not talking about what they may want down the line, but what they want right NOW. Most businesses today haven't gone through any formal research process whatsoever and approach advertising using total guess work.

Make no mistake, the market is in complete control of your income. If your business does not provide what the market wants, someone else will, and you will go out of business. That is simply how business works. What ever happened to market research? Most digital marketing strategy “experts” look at keyword data and call it “market research”. This is deceitful to say the least and marketing a business using just these practices is precisely how you turn ad dollars into toilet paper.

If you reading this you most likely have a problem that needs solving. Should I be doing paid advertising? Search engine optimization? Email marketing? Public relations outreach? Direct mail? Stop. A better question is – How can I achieve my business growth goals in the most tactical and sustainable way as possible? The answer to this question along with the others is by letting the market decide. You have to serve the market the way the market demands to be served. Sure you could spend thousands of dollars testing strategy after strategy wasting tens of thousands of dollars until you figure it out but the historic business titans of our time all understand that in order to reduce risk, market research is imperative.

Comprehensive Market Research Fundamentals

Because the term market research is extremely vague and thrown around like a football, we broke it down into four core areas that we approach with laser like focus. Company research, competitor research, customer research, and keyword research. We collect and analyze at a bare minimum of thirty pages of meticulously collected information coming directly from your customers mouths.

The deliverables we create are rarely what we expect. In todays informational overload of a world, companies require direct response ad copy that draws customers like moths to a flame, headlines that speak volumes, guarantees that build trust in a nanosecond, and offers that anyone would be brain dead to refuse. This is how you win and this all derives from research, strategy, critical thinking, and experience.

The information provided throughout our market research process is absolutely necessary for building effective marketing campaigns. We do not take on clients that have not gone through this process and is why we have a very low customer turnover rate, unlike our competitors. Often the information provided shines light on problems our clients did not even realize they had and holds the power to change the direction of all marketing resources.

Market Research Strategy Services
Building a Winning Digital Marketing Strategy

The Four Pillars of Market Research for Building a Winning Digital Marketing Strategy

Many agencies today boast about the extensive market research they do but in reality most of them do company research and keyword research at best. They do not take the time to understand the competition or even what the customers in the market actually want. This is clearly seen online when you notice every advertisement is the same and results in wasted advertising dollars. Let's break down the four main pillars of market search and explain why each is critical to a winning marketing strategy.

Company Research

Company research is simply the process of us getting to know you and the business in a very open door policy kind of way. It’s impossible to market a company you know nothing about and this is precisely why we start here. Yes, we need to know your industry, your location, and what products/services you offer but we need to dive deeper if we are to deliver a strategy that may have the power to change the trajectory of your business. Where do you want this company to be in 12-24 months? What is your current monthly revenue? What is your target monthly revenue? What is your marketing budget? What are the biggest obstacles are that are holding you back from achieving your business growth goals? We want to analyze these answers along with the history of your business because they will impact the strategy we deliver.

Competitor Research

Yes, the industry juggernauts that make your company look like peanuts. We analyze these giants to determine why people are using them instead of you. We examine their websites, their service offerings, their ads, their unique selling points, the good and bad reviews, and their marketing tactics to find out exactly why they are successful. Knowing what makes the companies that dominate your industry successful is an incredibly powerful way to quantum leap your marketing efforts and start competing with these tyrants.

Customer Research

If your customers want to buy what you’re not selling and someone else is, you’ve got a problem and a date with dissolution. Customer research is so important because it allows us to identify problems and concerns with the market from the customers perspective. Only then can we address it and provide a better experience. Better yet, guarantee a better experience. If we find 50 bad reviews on your competitors complaining about how nobody ever shows up on time, what do you think guaranteed on time service would do to that market? This is a single grain of rice in downtown Bangkok as an example but you get the idea.

We are looking for an unfair advantage. We read good and bad company reviews, forums, Facebook groups, Linkedin groups, YouTube comments, top blogs, and even book reviews on amazon. We use this information to formulate documents outlining your customers hopes, dreams, fears, pains, desires, verbiage, barriers, and uncertainties surrounding your specific product or service. This allows us to speak to conversations that the market is already having and is extremely powerful when the time comes to write copy and craft offers for your customers.

Keyword Research

Not the most exciting one of the bunch but you wouldn’t want to do any Google advertising or SEO without it, that is certain. Generally, the more traffic a site gets, the more revenue the company generates. Keyword research allows us to determine the search volume and competition of valuable key-phrases your customers are using. On Google, ranking at the top of the list for keywords cost money. It doesn’t matter if your doing PPC Google Ads, SEO (search engine optimization), or VBM Automation (value based marketing automation), this information is critical. In fact, keyword research actually helps us determine which of these advertising methods are better suited for your growth goals.

Transparent Tracking and Management Systems Built for Simplicity

Smart Track Mockup

Get X TrackSmart

Get X TrackSmart is a completely transparent live reporting system that allows our customers to have clear oversight over the impact of their entire digital marketing efforts available 24/7 from their computer or smartphone. This allows customers the ability to see the direct effect on their companies digital marketing so they are able to calculate their return on investment in real-time.

Get X WorkSmart

Get X WorkSmart is a completely transparent project management tool allowing for simple collaboration with all internal staff members. Clients are informed as projects are completed and as new tasks are added. This allows our clients to see the work being done in real-time and communicate on all levels as in-depth as they wish while we are executing their digital marketing campaigns.
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Turning Market Research into an Actionable Digital Marketing Strategy

Acquiring all of the information is only part of the battle. Once we have these research documents we need to analyze the market and apply critical thinking to determine the best opportunities for the business. This process is so comprehensive we have given it a name, "Cheeky Royals Profiling". Market research is product / service specific and although there is some overlap when working within certain industries, the focus should be on one specific offering at a time. Think "Hot Water Tank Replacement" and not "Plumbing Services".
There are many deliverables that come with the development of a winning marketing strategy. The information that we deliver is a snapshot of the market at the time that we prepare it. Things can change over time but the information we deliver is so powerful that you could literally approach a different digital marketing agency and they could immediately execute on it and achieve results.

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What Business Owners Say

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