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[ilj_no_linking]Get X Media offers top-of-the-line direct mail printing services guaranteed to drive more leads to your business, increase your customer base, boost your sales, and grow your business. Our success-driven in-house team handles all design and printing work, ensuring the best quality, pricing, and customer service. We handle all related work under one roof, allowing you to focus on the core of your business while we take care of the details.[/ilj_no_linking]

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Get X Media is a Registered Canada Post Direct Mail Partner

Get X Media offers an all-in-one direct mail printing service that helps businesses maximize their potential and growth. We are a proud registered Canada Post direct mail partner, assuring you of top-rated professional advice and the best value. Given this, we assure you of maximum reach, the best pricing, the highest results, and the highest efficiency possible.

As a leading marketing company in the industry, we will provide you with all the help and knowledge you need every single step of the way and ensure that you get the desired results. This is the perfect time to expand your customer base and grow your business. At Get X Media, we will make your dream come true without hassles.

What are Direct Mail Printing Services?

Direct mail printing services consist of all activities involved in the direct marketing and promotion of a product or service using printed advertising materials that are posted directly to targeted potential consumers or businesses.

Integrating direct mail printing services into a business’s marketing mix is a wise decision to grow your business because of the benefits involved, such as a higher response rate than email campaigns. Businesses can build a tactile and interactive relationship with the recipients of printed marketing materials. The direct mail printing service offers the following benefits for businesses:

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To take advantage of direct mail printing services as a significant and innovative offline marketing strategy to complement digital efforts. We assure you of a pleasant experience.

What do Direct Mailing Services Include

Direct mailing services include the following

Content Development

We have an in-house team of content creators who are experts at developing well-targeted, perfectly crafted, strategic, and engaging content that is guaranteed to attract customers and get the highest return on marketing investment

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Laser-targeting potential customers by their geographic areas is unarguably a cost-efficient direct mail strategy that is guaranteed to get the best results. We have a cutting-edge modern toolkit and proven modus operandi we use to develop result-oriented online and offline geotargeting strategies that will help remarkable business growth.

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Campaign Launch

After creating and developing marketing content and completing the mailer design, the material will be printed in readiness for delivery. We have an effective Fulfillment Centre that handles these procedures and provides updates

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Delivering your printed marketing materials is almost the last stage of direct mail printing services. You can choose our in-house delivery services or Canada Post to deliver your mail. However, choosing our delivery services comes with extra benefits as we bypass the mailboxes and deliver your mail to the front doors of the targeted areas.

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Direct Mail Printing for Realtors

Get X Media offers highly-effective direct mail printing services to realtors. Reaching out to property owners and potential homebuyers can be challenging without a good plan. We work with several realtors in Canada and are proud to say that we have helped them save time, cost, and effort. Using our services, they have generated massive results, such as increased exposure or visibility, an increase in the number of leads, growth in customer base, and a rise in sales.

As stated earlier, we offer in-house delivery services and a Canada Post delivery channel, which come at different rates. Feel free to contact us for more details

Canada Post Direct Mail Pricing Information

If you want to send direct mail to homes around your business office, Canada Post’s direct mail service for neighbourhood mail costs $0.173 per flyer. It is expected that you would target at least 500 homes in a neighbourhood, causing the price to be $0.173/flyer x 500, totalling $86.50 on a postal route. Your mail is expected to be delivered between 3 and 13 business days. The prices are exclusive of taxes. If you desire better pricing, you can get 5–15% discounts. If you are sending over 100,0000 direct mail pieces, you are qualified for volume-based discounts

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Are you searching for a result-oriented marketing strategy? Choose the direct mail printing service offered by Get X Media for the best results possible. We assure you of increased productivity by finding the customers that matter to your business growth. As a passionate team committed to your business’ growth and success, we pay attention to detail from content creation or design to delivery.

With Get X Media, you are assured of on-time project completion to ensure that your marketing kicks off at the estimated time. Maximize your return on marketing investment by choosing the right company that has the expertise, experience, right network, and reach. Our quality and results have become the benchmark in the industry. Call our hotline today and let your business growth begin.