Your warrior team of digital marketing advocates

Here is our back story.

Hello Business Owners and Marketing Professionals

My name is Corey Hayes, I am the CEO of Get X Media. I am from Calgary, AB Canada. Ever since I was literally a child I had a computer in front of me and I am currently ripping apart old photo albums to find a picture of me on one of the first personal computers ever sold with me working on it at the age of 3. I will find it soon!

Over 30 years later I am still facsinated behind the power of technology and the internet.

A few years ago I started Get X Media. At first, it was a private marketing company only working with a select few business owners that I knew. Honestly, I wasn’t comfortable offering this to everyone because I didn’t have the confidence in my own skills. Some other professionals should take notes…

After an extensive amount of research, failure, cash investments, training, trail and error and countless all nighters, I have developed and tested marketing strategies that have generated millions of dollars for my clients.

As of now we are team of three marketing warriors that execute battle plans to destroy competitors across any industry and explode our clients sales. This is our small team that packs a big punch and we are hiring!

About Us 1

Corey Hayes – CEO & Head Growth Strategist

Fresh out of Calgary, AB. Corey develops the marketing strategies, builds the websites, operates all paid advertising campaigns, search engine optimization efforts and pretty wears every hat that it takes to get the job done.

Corey also takes 100% accountability for every project that comes out of Get X Media. He holds a four-year business degree and has a track record of delivering in all departments.


About Us 2

Megan Visser (Meg) – Pro Video Production & Photographer

Born and raised Canadian, Megan has been working with video and photography since she was 9 years old. She is a jedi knight and a master of her craft. Her skills include videography, photography, the Adobe Suites and leaving parties by 9pm undetected.

Meg tackles all video production and photography needs required in clients marketing strategies. 

About Us 3

Elizabeth Burt (Liz) – Copywriting & Social Media Strategist

Liz is a creative content specialist with eight years of experience in content creation and social media strategy. Liz holds a three-year Marketing Diploma and a Bachelors Degree in Communications Studies and has found her passion working with entrepreneurs.

Liz tackles direct response content creation, blog writing, and social media strategy.


The Get X Customer Code


A simple set of rules and principles that drive our company forward. 

About Us 4

Earn attention, don’t steal it.

Everybody loves “Buy Me!” advertisements thrown in their face right? Maybe not! We prefer to create original and valuable content. This allows us to build brand, trust, authority and attract highly qualified customers. 

Treat people like people, not numbers.

Every customer is different. This goes for you and for us. We always approach our clients with a “Blank Slate” attitude so we can create fresh new ideas that solve problems in their specific business. With digital marketing, we prefer to work in depth and build strong relationships rather than get as many clients as possible like many other agencies.

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About Us 6

Solve for your success, not our systems.

We are here to help business owners succeed in the digital marketing world. In order to do the right things for your business, sometimes we have to change the way ours operates. Instead of “No”, we ask ourselves “How Can We?”.

Ask for feedback, and act on it.

Our digtital marketing customers are the reason we are in business. If we don’t serve them and learn from them we are setting ourselves up for failure. Your feedback is always taken seriously. We need it in order to be successful and we must act on it to grow.

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Own the screw-ups.

Sh*t happens sometimes, the only way we can learn from it is to face it head on. We are not afraid to admit when we are wrong or if we have made a mistake and this is part of 100% transparent services. Taking ownership of a problem allows us to learn from it, correct it, and build better solutions for our customers.

Communicate honestly.

Constant communication is key even if it is the small things. We always keep our communication channels open and we pride ourselves on sharing as much of our digital marketing and business knowledge as possible. We built our Get X WorkSmart program to address this which provides instant updates as work is being completed.

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Get paid, not played.

Nobody likes a surprise bill. Having up front pricing and communication about any possibilities that may arise is the only way to run a business. Save the surprises for birthday parties! 

Don’t block the exit.

Businesses change and so do people. This is why we have systems in place. In the event you decide to switch to a different digital marketing company, cancel or move your services away from us we will help you every step of the way. We do not refuse to provide you with your data, it is transparent between us and belongs to you.

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About Us 12

Do the right thing, even when its hard.

In digital marketing and for most things in life, sometimes the right thing to do is not always the easiest. We pride ourselves on quality workmanship and do not take shortcuts! The choices we make today effect us in the long run. This could not be more accurate when it comes to digital marketing. 


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