WordPress Vs Squarespace for your Business

Comparing website builders: WordPress vs Squarespace. Choose the best platform for your business based on features, flexibility, and ease of use.
Wordpress vs Squarespace: Everything You Need to Know

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Comparison of WordPress Vs Squarespace for your Business

In the small business world, there are two main options for creating a website: WordPress vs Squarespace. Both of these website builders offer ease of use and attractive templates to help you get started with a website quickly. Both are also affordable. Squarespace has become extremely popular because it’s so easy to set up and use. However, many experienced marketing professionals prefer using WordPress instead of Squarespace. This article will compare the features of WordPress vs Squarespace and explain why WordPress is better than Squarespace for your business in several key areas: customization, performance, security, SEO, and cost. Keep reading to learn more!

Ways to Customize Your WordPress Website 

At the core of every WordPress website is a content management system (CMS). A CMS gives you control over the content on your site. You’ll use this control to update the design and content on your blog regularly. WordPress is one of the most customizable blogging platforms in the world today. In Squarespace, you have the ability to select from several pre-made layouts. You can’t make any changes to the way your layout looks.

However, with WordPress, you have full control over your site’s design. You have access to a wide variety of free and paid-for themes. You can also customize your site’s design with plug-ins, add an unlimited amount of features, and due to the nature of its open-source environment, you have absolutely zero restrictions making it incredibly scalable. Having that power is going to give you an edge in your marketplace.

WordPress is Faster and More Responsive

WordPress is known for being flexible and quick. Squarespace, on the other hand, is known to be slower and less responsive. This isn’t inherently bad, but if you’re actively blogging, customers and readers expect quick loading times. Both WordPress and Squarespace have technology behind them designed to help them load quickly on all devices. If your website takes longer than 3 seconds to load, the rate of people leaving can rise by over 50%.

With Squarespace, you have less control over code. As a result, the speed and responsiveness of your site may suffer. While WordPress may not be as quick as Squarespace in its out-of-the-box environment, you can optimize your site to load extremely fast and handle excessive amounts of traffic. This will be especially helpful if your business takes off and your site becomes more popular.

WordPress Has Better Security Features

Security is an important aspect of any website. When you use WordPress, you have access to a number of security features that make your site more secure. With WordPress, you can choose to use a hosting company like Siteground.

The WordPress security and hosting options are managed by professionals. If a potential malware infection or other problem occurs, the team at Siteground can identify and fix the issue quickly. If you use Squarespace, you’re responsible for monitoring your site for problems and fixing them as soon as possible.

WordPress Allows for Better SEO

Squarespace is a closed system. You can’t add your own plug-ins or do anything else to the code of the site. This can cause issues when you try to optimize your site for search engines. Because of the closed nature of Squarespace, you lose the ability to optimize your site for search engines. You also may not be able to use all the social media integrations your readers would like to see. With WordPress, you have full control over your site’s code.

You can optimize your site for search engines with ease. You can also add the most popular social media platforms, or even create your own custom integrations. Because of the flexibility of WordPress, you can create the best possible site for your business and have it rank higher in search engines.

WordPress Has a Larger Community

WordPress has been around for more than a decade and has millions of users. Squarespace is a newer service and has a smaller user base. WordPress also has an active community of users who are eager to help one another. You can ask questions, find answers, and get help from others in the WordPress community through various social media platforms.

The WordPress community is vastly larger than that of Squarespace. This makes getting help easier and also finding developers and designers easier.

Summing up

Squarespace is a great platform, and there are certain situations when it makes more sense than WordPress. Squarespace is best for people who want to create a website quickly and without knowing much about code. However, if you want more control over your site, you want to optimize it for search engines, or you want to have the scalability to build a business, WordPress is the better option. When choosing between the two, you should consider your long-term goals.

If you want to create a site with a lot of control and potential, WordPress is the better option. Often times clients come to us with a Squarespace website asking for features that are unavailable, the costly and unfortunate answer is that the entire website has to be redesigned on a more flexible platform.

We’ve made it far in our review of WordPress Vs Squarespace and their important distinctions. We hope that this head-to-head WordPress Vs Squarespace comparison can serve as a helpful reference during your decision-making process. You’re already using WordPress and want to switch onto Squarespace Get X Media is always available to assist.

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