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Better local seo Services TAILORED to SMALL BUSINESS owners. 

Ever since Google implemented “Google My Business” they changed the local SEO game for all businesses. Now over 50% of search traffic on Google goes to what is called the “Local 3 Pack”. This is the first 3 businesses that show up on Google when searching for a local service.

This may be all good and wonderful for customers searching online however businesses now have to tackle an entire new version of search engine optimization to have their business not only rank in organic search results but also rank in the “Local 3 Pack” of Google maps.

Through the optimization of your “Google My Business” listing, generating more positive customers reviews, and creating local citations of your business on high quality business directories we are able to achieve top spots in the elusive “Local 3 Pack” that has been integrated into Google search results and drive even more business.

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Google My Business Listing

Optimize the listing with targeted keywords and ensure a full and complete profile.


Optimized Images

Uncluding specific data in your images and ensuring correct file names can improve local SEO.


NAP Consistency

Having the exact same name, address, and phone number aross listings is imperative for success in local SEO.


Optimize Local Pages

Ensure pages on your website include the proper location data help improve local SEO.


Congruent Citation Building

Citations are important for local search rankings as they verify business info, establish trust, and create prominence.


Data Aggregators

Distributing your correct info to large data companies greatly effects the local SEO of your business.


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local seo and citation building for small business owners

To ensure the success of our local SEO services, we ensure the proper development of your Google My Business listing. Upon confirmation that this business information is correct we distribute that data to 50 – 100 local niche online directories and websites across the internet.

Throughout this process we search for listings that may have incorrect data, enhance them, and correct the data to help contribute to consistency of your business information on the internet. If we find any duplicate listings on websites, we remove those from the web as they can hurt your local search rankings.

From there, we distribute your data to all of the major data aggregators on the internet including Infogroup, Foursqaure, Neustar, and Factual. The services takes 30 days to initiate and then we follow back up with these local directories and data aggregators after 90 days to ensure the data is in fact updated and correct. During this time, watch your local rankings gain traction and increase ranks through our transparent tracking system – Get X Smart Track!      


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