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Local SEO Services That Skyrocket Your Google Rankings.

Get on top of your competitors and be the first in line on Google for eager “ready to buy” customers actively searching for your services on Google. Enjoy a consistent flood of new customers contacting your business and dominate the search market through our local SEO services.

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What our Happy Customers Say
“We were looking for a company that could deliver. Not only on a website redesign but on search engine optimization to get us to #1 on Google.

We now hold over 27 keywords on the front page of Google and over 10 of them are #1.”
Graham Drew
Urban Piping Ltd.

Tactical Data Driven SEO Services for Savvy Business Builders

What is SEO?

“SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, which is the practice of increasing the quantity and quality of traffic to your website through organic search engine results.” – Moz. This is entirely different than PPC Advertising where you essentially buy visitors to your website through the use of ads. SEO services are geared towards the following three elements.
  • Quality of traffic. You want to attract prospects to your website that are genuinely interested in the products or services that you offer.
  • Quantity of traffic. Once you have determined the right prospects you want to attract, more traffic is better.
  • Organic search results. Organic traffic is any traffic that you don’t have to pay for from a search engine. Paid advertising makes up the other portion of the traffic you can get from search engines.

What can SEO Services do for Your Business?

How can I rank #1 on Google? This is the most commonly asked question in the topic of search engine optimization and there is plenty of stigma around it. Tactical SEO services are a longer term investment than paid advertising however it yields historic results. Ask yourself, what would your business be like if you captured 20 – 30% of the search market? This is what the power of SEO can do for a business.
Let’s do some math, if 10,000 people search for your services online every month, capturing 25% of the search volume would give you 2500 qualified prospects looking at your website. With an average conversion rate of 5% you will have 125 monthly leads coming into your business. Now, keep in mind this is industry specific but if you are a local service company profiting $300 dollars per service call on average, that’s $37,500 per month in recurring monthly income you will receive by holding the top spot for each specific service.
When we analyze the search volume and the traffic your competitors are getting for these specific search terms it may surprise you. These are real people searching for you right now but because you do not appear on the first page of Google, the business is going to your competitor. The results of SEO can be epic and are entirely achievable in most industries within 3-12 months depending on your budget and your competition.
Clients that have excelled through our battle-ground tested SEO strategies enjoy hundreds of new leads coming through to their business consistently every month while spending a fraction of the money their competitors are on paid advertising. The benefits of search engine optimization are very real and have the ability to change the entire operational landscape of a business while reaping incredible financial rewards.
Too often, marketers boast this holy grail as the saviour for all business owners problems and promise torrential floods of new customers “once you get there”. “Rank #1 by paying us this monthly premium for eternity” they said as they search the internet scurrying for ways to spend your hard earned cash. “It takes time we just have to do more” they said as results fall short, the budget dries up and the timeline diminishes.

Many of these “SEO Experts” have been the cause for great frustration amongst business owners for decades. What am I even paying for? Seems to be a common response.

The truth is, most digital marketers just don’t know yet think it’s a good idea to offer it as a service because they figured out how to build a website read a few articles online that made sense to them. Thanks but no thanks.

What if we told you that through doing some basic math and good old fashion research, we can provide a cost benefit analysis calculated with certainty what it will take to acquire rankings in the top 3 spots on Google for your specific business?

What if instead of “lots of customers” we could give you real numbers on how many leads you can expect? What if we guaranteed rankings within a certain time period? Would you feel more comfortable with your investment?

This is precisely what we do, you have come to the right place. A client of ours currently sits on the front page of Google for 27 targeted keywords in an extremely competitive industry. We have many other clients in similar situations. They enjoy over a hundred new leads coming through monthly to their business and pay a fraction of the cost that others would fork out paying for top spot advertisements. This is a system that multiplies marketing investments, gives complete peace of mind on where the next customers are coming from, and has long lasting effects by conquering marketing share.

If you are serious about your business, want to play in the big league and achieve iconic results, we can help.

Organic SEO Monthly Packages

$ 2200/M

StartUp SEO

#Of Products / Services 1-2 3-4
Level of Impact Higher Lower
EST ROI Time Frame (Months) 6-12 12-24
Fully Managed Service

$ 4500/M


#Of Products / Services 1-2 3-4
Level of Impact Higher Lower
EST ROI Time Frame (Months) 4-6 6-12
Fully Managed Service


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Custom SEO

We get it — sometimes you want to speak to a professional. Talk directly with the CEO & Head of Growth at Get X Media, give us a call.

Important Information for Business Builders Looking to Grow Through SEO Services.

The technical side of search engine optimization can get fairly complex to those not in the industry. Google has over 200 different ranking factors inside of their search algorithm. We follow Google guidelines for SEO and target the biggest contributing factors that Google relies on for judging who takes the top 3 spots.

Getting Started with SEO Services

To kick off strategic SEO services, we analyze your business to determine suitable search terms that will drive eager customers. We then benchmark these terms against your competitors. By analyzing this data we determine the scope of work required to match or exceed your competitions online presence. Having this unique approach allows us to tactically build an SEO strategy based on live market data. Through this process we can determine how much work is involved, how long it will take to implement, and if this strategy is even suitable for your business and your budget at this time.

Tracking SEO Services

An important element to understand is that SEO is a competition and because of this, the market is fluent. Meaning, as we work to achieve higher search rankings for you, your competitors may also be battling for these same rankings. This is precisely why competitor research, keyword research, ongoing benchmarking, and having the proper tracking systems in place is crucial.

We have developed a system we call Get X TrackSmart for this precise reason. Through this transparent tracking system, you gain the ability to view the impact of our SEO services live as we work. Transparency is critical to judging the return on investment from SEO services and any company hiding this data from you should be approached with extreme caution. With Get X Media, you can literally watch your website move up the ranks towards the top position over time.

Preparing for Growth from SEO Services

Once top rankings on Google are achieved, you will benefit from a consistent flood of customers contacting the business as promised. You rank #1 and hold the position that captures 20 – 30% of the search market. These positions have the power to change the landscape of a business and often come with what we like to call, “high quality growth problems”. You may need to expand your operation, hire staff, implement call systems, and automate your workflow to keep up with the growth. We help with these when the time presents itself as your marketing partner.

Because the nature of SEO is a competition, once you achieve top rankings you do not stop your efforts. The better strategy is to scale down the service and continue to monitor rankings over time to solidify your position on Google and continuously stay on top of your your competition. Typically, it is much easier to hold rankings on Google than acquiring top rankings in the beginning.

| Get X Media
| Get X Media

Critical Components of an Effective SEO Strategy

An effective SEO strategy requires a team of skilled people including marketing strategists, graphic designers, website developers, technical IT professionals, data analyzers, researchers, content writers, and public relations officials to cover the essentials. Our agency ensures you get a qualified team of professionals with an array of premium technical software tools.

Many agencies today focus on smaller less impactful SEO strategies when working with clients. Often, these agencies are cutting corners and hiring low cost talent to produce company assets to use in their SEO strategies. Even worse, they may be ignoring some of the most crucial  elements that get companies into the top 3 on Google.

At Get X Media, we know from experience that some of the most challenging tactics deliver the biggest results. We have a developed a systematic checklist in the way we approach SEO services with our clients targeting from the top down the most effective ranking factors to the least. This allows us to rank our clients on top of Google faster than our competitors. The following are key elements required in any impactful SEO strategy.

SEO can be further broken down into on-page and off-page services. Many agencies focus on the website itself and fail to address the tougher challenges that contribute to higher rankings. Every effective SEO strategy will consist of a combination of on-page and off-page
SEO services.

Initial SEO Audits, Research, and Optimizations

Keyword RESEARCH + Targeting

Search engines display relevant websites to users based off specific search terms. Some search terms have a higher search volume. Website owners compete for top rankings based off targeted key phrases. 

Keyword research allows us to determine the search volume and competition of these valuable key phrases to create a tactical strategy to out rank competitors. Generally, the more traffic a site gets, the more revenue the company generates.

Competitor SEO Audit + Benchmarking

Through the analysis of the top websites currently ranking for your target keywords, we can determine the scope of work required to match and exceed the competitions’ efforts in holding those rankings. 

We do this through data analysis using premium software like Ahrefs or SEMRush.

Technical Website SEO Audit + Optimization

In order for Google to reward you with higher search rankings, your website needs to fit Google’s website design guidelines and be free from errors. 

By auditing your website using premium software and reporting tools, we can determine any errors and repair them. This allows us to signal toGoogle that you have a well coded website and your reward is higher rankings.


Directory and Profile Audit + Optimization

The Internet is like a spider web of links. Every incoming link and outgoing link from a website is a powerful factor in contributing to higher search rankings. Not only the link itself, but the information on those linking pages is analyzed by Google’s algorithm. 

We asses all on-line listings for your business and ensure the business name, address, and contact information is identical. This informs Google that you are organized and rewards you with higher organic search rankings.

Content Audit + Optimization

Content is the #1 factor that contributes to higher search rankings. We analyze and edit all the content on your website to include the target key phrases to signal Google that your website contains the information that users are looking for. 

We also link pages together using these keywords and source external articles that have related information. This builds trust with Google and you are rewarded with higher search rankings.

Monthly Scope of Ongoing SEO Services

Content Strategy + Development
Because content is imperative to increasing your search engine ranking, we have professional writers that create content for your website targeted specifically to address high search volume topics and keywords. This allows us to provide value to potential prospects while increasing your rank on Google.
Content Distribution
An important ranking factor on Google is taking into account how many external pages link back to your website. By participating in industry specific conversations and sharing your content on various social networks, we are able to portray your business as the dominant source of information and drive more traffic. Google rewards these efforts by increasing your rank in the search engine.
Back-link Building

High authority niche websites that link back to your website increase a metric known as “domain authority”. Not all links are created equal. 

A link to your website from a local trusted news organization will be more effective in boosting your rankings than an overseas blog with only three posts

We actively seek and build links with high profile websites, resulting in higher search rankings. Some back-links you can get for free however many website owners know the power behind “domain authority” and charge hundreds of dollars for a single link.

Press Releases + Guest Blog Posting

These are targeted efforts to acquire media exposure while generating quality back-links. If approached effectively, this can have compound marketing affects for a business.

Your business may get featured in the press bringing you more traffic and awareness, while at the same time creating valuable back-links and boosting your rank in search engines.

Media Production + DISTRIBUTION

We mentioned content is the #1 factor in search rankings but this isn’t confined to just writing.

By producing videos, info-graphics, presentations, and even podcasts for your business, we can compound our advertising efforts with even more media exposure to achieve exponential growth and rank higher in search engines even faster.

On Page SEO Services

Proper HTML Page Structure

Every website must be built with search engines in mind. Providing Google with proper HTML tags and Meta data is key to communicating with Google about the context of the website.

Writing page descriptions that include focus keywords and persuade people to click your website must also be taken into account.

Running monthly site audits on every website to report any errors and fixing these errors must be addressed.

All images on our website have targeted meta data and keywords to contribute to a better rank on Google.

Google loves organized data. Schema Markup should be used to communicate to Google key pieces of information throughout the website in order to enhance your link in search results. 

Content Development and Optimizations

In order for Google to recognize your website as the suitable result for a prospects search, the content on the website must be curated in a way that addresses this prospects search intent.

Creating content for the purpose of search engine optimization is not as simple as blabbering on about the topic you want to rank for. There are key pieces of information that need to be included based around the most sought after information prospects are looking for.

Through comprehensive research, data analysis, and critical thinking we are able to determine what these topics are and write keyword rich content to trigger increases in a websites ranking.


The age of a domain, the URL, and the domains authority are all factors taken into account in Google’s Algorithm.

Linking to Internal and External Resources

Helping visitors navigate your website by linking to pages where necessary greatly improves rankings. Providing your visitors with access to important information including external resources can have an impact on SEO efforts.

Website Load Times

Google loves speed. Ensuring your website is consistently optimized to load quickly on any device improves the experience for your visitors and has indirect effects on your search rankings.

Off Page SEO Services

Publishing Media to External Resources

SEO has a lot to do with building a presence online. By producing content and media assets and distributing them around the internet you gain the ability to increase the “authority” of your website in the eyes of Google.

This could mean publishing industry specific PDF documents, creating videos, designing infographics, etc. This documents are to be created and distributed to high authority websites for public view.

Linking these back to your website is a powerful tactic in increasing your search rankings.

Community Outreach & Collaberations

Having niche specific quality websites link back to yours is an effective tactic for boosting Google search rankings.

This could mean guest blog writing, media collaborations, or industry partnerships in which someone else will create a link on their domain back to yours. 

This shows Google that you are a trusted resource and rewards you with higher rankings.

Create Business Directory Citations

Having accurate and congruent data about your business across the web will boost local rankings.

All of your business directories should include NAP  (name, address, and phone number) consistency. 

Often times website that rank in the top position on Google have over 80 directory listings that include their business details.

Featured in the Press

Being featured in the media can clearly be beneficial for a variety of reasons however, here is one that may surprise you.

Media organizations often have high authority domains online and these powerful links created through be featured in the press have a positive and powerful impact on your search rankings.

Site Management by Google

Google has a service that allows webmasters to check indexing status and optimize the visibility of their websites.

This tool is crucial to have setup, managed, and optimized to ensure good standing from Googles perspective.

The Relationsip Between SEO Services and CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization)

95% of the traffic to your website most likely results in nothing. By optimizing the rate of conversion (how many people contact you) on your top ranking pages we are able to expand our SEO services further to tap into this lost customer market. The aim is to avoid visitors from leaving your website by keeping them engaged and leading them into a sales process.

The old school SEO specialists resorted to loading up websites with barely legible content in order to trick Google into ranking their website. This has worked in many cases but the result is a high level of traffic but no leads coming into the business. As apart of our SEO services we focus on ensuring that we are leading the traffic from your website into a sales process. At the end of the day, traffic is not nearly as important as revenue for the business.

The 5 Biggest Money Sucking Marketing Mistakes Made By "Experts" Today!

A must-read shocking report for any business owner or marketing professional looking to grow their business through digital marketing. 

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Must-know information for a business owner or marketing professional looking to advertise and grow their business online.

Frequent Questions About SEO

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of optimizing, tweaking, and enhancing a website, web pages, and content to be easily found by the search engine bots when users search for terms relevant to your website. SEO involves a wide range of tasks to make it easier for search engine crawlers to find, scan, index, and rank your website.

As much as SEO sounds simple, optimizing a website involves complex steps to boost a websites ranking on the search engine results page.

SEO aims to increase the quality and quantity of traffic that comes to your website through organic search. Your website must meet guidelines or requirements to be qualified for the top position on the search engine results page. Optimizing your website for search engine ranking requires expertise and a deep understanding of what goes into a webpage that makes it rank higher than others.

A good SEO practice has the ability to skyrocket a companies profit by taking top rankings in search based on high-value keywords. You can increase traffic to your website, boost leads, sales, and revenue, including profit. In most industries, this is entirely achievable within 6-12 months with an aggressive growth strategy.

Millions of people search for services and products using search engines every day. If you want market domination and to acquire the benefits that come with holding top Google rankings, the work needs to be done. It takes time and resources but the benefits and ROI are typically higher than any other form of digital marketing.

SEO is essential to businesses to create excellent online visibility that enables prospects to find you when they search for your services or products.

SEO is about driving qualified prospects to your business or offer. Acquiring this traffic to your website is one of the goals of SEO. Increased visibility and higher rankings directly improve the volume of business flowing in.

Ranking high in the search engine is crucial to becoming an authority in your niche. The concept of power is new in SEO, but it is what it is. It means that your website is trustworthy among several others offering similar services or products. As your site has more authority, it will rank higher and become a more trusted brand.

Finally, SEO enables you to achieve your business growth goals, and your business will undoubtedly experience growth. You will have the edge over the competition, more leads and conversions, which means more sales and revenue.

Ranking in the search engine is dynamic and ever-changing. There are billions of businesses worldwide competing for the first page of the search engine results page. Unfortunately, millions of websites will be buried on the second page of the search engine results page (SERPs) even with a decent SEO strategy.

SEO is highly essential for local small businesses because it offers the following benefits:

1. It improves local business rankings in the search results, especially in the local 3 pack.
2. It increases leads and conversions due to location-specific offers.
3. It boosts online visibility to neighbouring customers.
4. It helps to rank higher than the local competition.
5. It helps locate local small businesses.

SEO helps local small businesses dominate their local market; instead of competing for the same spots with billions of companies worldwide.

More often than not, business owners believe that they can manage their businesses along with SEO operations. However, they find out over time that they are biting more than they can chew. The learning requires to know how to do proper SEO is extensive. As a result, if you are not working in the industry, it is best left to professionals.

Search engines update their ranking factors regularly, and you must keep up with the changes to avoid getting left behind while your spot gets taken over by the competition. It will be a Herculean task running your business with balancing your SEO education and knowledge, managing family issues and other day-to-day activities. SEO services should be left to a team of professionals.

We have the expert knowledge and cutting-edge innovation to provide what your company needs. We have a winning strategy that will help you climb up to the top of the search results and dominate the competition.

We will happily consider your content and use it for the website. However, content writing is only part of the process. Writing, how much to write, and optimizing the copy for SEO purposes is an entirely different part of the service which our professionals need to take care of to guarantee our services.

It is crucial to know that so much goes into copywriting than what you read on webpages. Our experts will take your content, enrich it, and breathe life into it. All supplied copywriting will need to be adequately SEO optimized for rankings, readability, engagement, and conversions.

Yes, SEO techniques vary between all industries depending on the demands of the market. There are different SEO types, so it is best to leave it to the professionals for the best results.

Different types of SEO include:

1. On-page SEO
2. Off-page SEO
3. Local SEO
4. Technical SEO
5. Enterprise SEO

Each of these types is significant to the website’s ranking and performance in the search engines.

A glance at the types of SEO
1. On-page SEO
It involves optimizing a website’s elements that you can control directly for improved results, such as URL, title tags, meta descriptions, heading tags, alt tags, internal links, content, and much more.

2. Off-Page SEO
Backlinks, natural links, built links, and created links are factors outside of the website that you cannot control directly.

3. Local SEO
This strategy focuses on searches relating to a particular location, mainly the searcher or user’s local area. Your business can rank higher if professionally handled. It involves claiming, updating, and optimizing Google My Business listing, content creation optimized with the local area using location-specific keywords, and online reviews provided by customers.

4. Technical SEO
Requires good mastery of the craft because it focuses on the website’s back and server optimizations to help the website rank higher in search engines. It converts issues such as website loading speed, robot.txt Gil, creation of XML Sitemap, handling duplicate content, and lots more.

5. Enterprise SEO
It uses short-tail and highly competitive keywords. The SEO for large websites is very technical and requires extensive experience.

No, it is growing more and more every day. SEO is not dead; it keeps evolving every day. What used to work years back is an outdated and futile practice that may end up hurting websites more than helping in any way.

SEO has moved past the days of keywords stuffing and building link wheels to get your website ranked on the first page of the search results. There are more stringent conditions that must be satisfied before your website can enjoy visibility.

SEO requires serious work. The competition is fierce, and the criteria are many. To get the best SEO results, you must prioritize and dedicate time, effort, and expertise. You unavoidably must invest what is needed before you can dominate the competition. Talk about content creation, link building, and website tweaking; you must live up to these responsibilities to get the best from SEO. If done correctly, SEO can literally blow up a business and it’s not something that is easy to shut off. These are what we like to call high-quality growth problems.

SEO is expensive because of the work involved and the professionals required to complete the job. You need specialized software, website developers, copywriters, data analysts, marketers, videographers, public relations professionals, and SEO strategists to provide quality SEO services for a company.

SEO requires a lot of resources and expertise to implement, maintain and sustain. We know this because we deliver on our SEO services and we know first hand the work required to acquire top Google rankings. We have also seen the effect that it can have on a business and it’s nothing short of incredible.

You need a comprehensive SEO report to understand your website’s positions, research viable and profitable keywords, improve the site’s backend, and the website will need to be continuously optimized for search engines, etc.

If there is a high volume of customers searching for your products or services online, SEO can pay off massively as it offers a very high ROI.

YES, we have personally worked with companies that have experienced growth they never thought possible. Investing in SEO is a longer-term strategy and requires significant investment. Anyone who tries to tell you they can guarantee rankings for a few hundred dollars should be tagged with a red flag and ignored.

Although SEO delivers slower traffic initially than PPC online advertising, its results are consistent, long-lasting, and overtime have actually been known to get cheaper. It is a more economical way to creating brand awareness, visibility and drive more prospects to your business for increased sales, revenue, and profits. At Get X Media, depending on the clients’ investment capabilities, we offer a hybrid approach by running online advertising campaigns for short-term returns while placing a portion of the marketing spend into long-term SEO goals.

SEO is worth the money by all standards. Take a look at this example.

If 10,000 people search for your services online every month, capturing 25 percent of the search volume would give you 2500 qualified prospects looking at your website. With an average conversion rate of 5 percent, you will have 125 monthly leads coming into your business. Now, keep in mind this is industry-specific. Still, if you are a local service company profiting $300 per service call on average, that’s $37,500 per month in recurring monthly income you will receive by holding the top spot for each specific service.

From the example, which is a real-life situation, you can see that SEO is worth the money.

If you want the best value for your money and excellent results for your business, hiring an experienced and reputable SEO agency is the way.

However, you may wonder how you will find and employ that specialist company to transform your SEO status. Do not stress out; follow these tips to hire top talent SEO services:

1. See if the company is ranking in search engines and see if their clients are ranking.

2. Check available case studies and reviews to hint about the quality of service offered by the company.

3. Check if the company informs clients about technical site changes and website conditions, including the procedures required to salvage the website.

4. Choose a company that uses state-of-the-art premium tools that guarantee results.

5. Check the rate at which the company sends out reports. Prompt and comprehensive reports are crucial, as the company should send weekly or monthly messages.

Consider the tips above when choosing the perfect SEO company for your company.

SEO is expensive, but some are more expensive than others. The vast difference in the prices will influence what you are receiving.

1. Cheap SEO companies are not covering all critical factors involved in SEO. Therefore, they are charging only to do a part of the job.

2. Cheap SEO companies offer low-quality and in-effective services

3. Experienced SEO agencies are genuinely working with brands they have an interest in. They have a team of professionals dedicated to clients’ websites’ optimal performance. They have an in-house team and do not rely on outsourcing.

4. Cheap SEO companies may be interested only in collecting money without planning the work involved. SEO tasks, like link audits, are not cheap. Such cheap agencies give false hopes to shoot a website to the first page of Google within 48 hours.

Transparent Tracking and Management Systems Built for Simplicity

Smart Track Mockup

Get X TrackSmart

Get X TrackSmart is a completely transparent live reporting system that allows our customers to have clear oversight over the impact of their entire digital marketing efforts available 24/7 from their computer or smartphone. This allows customers the ability to see the direct effect on their companies digital marketing so they are able to calculate their return on investment in real-time.

Get X WorkSmart

Get X WorkSmart is a completely transparent project management tool allowing for simple collaboration with all internal staff members. Clients are informed as projects are completed and as new tasks are added. This allows our clients to see the work being done in real-time and communicate on all levels as in-depth as they wish while we are executing their digital marketing campaigns.
Digital Marketing Agency Mockup

What Business Owners Say About Our SEO Services

| Get X Media

“I have been using Get X Media for all my company’s needs for over 7 years. We we’re looking for a company that could deliver. Not only on a website redesign but on search engine optimization to get us to #1 on Google.

We analyzed over a dozen marketing agencies in Canada and Corey offered to go through every proposal that we were pitched, broke it down for us, and built something completely custom that was specific to what we wanted. Corey delivered!

We now hold over 27 keywords on the front page of Google and over 10 of them are #1.”

Graham Drew,
Urban Piping Ltd, Canadian Leaders in Poly B Replacement
| Get X Media

“Finding the right digital designer for our small natural foods business in Calgary was not an easy task. After three unsuccessful trials with local designers, Corey’s name from Get X Media came highly recommended by one of our mentors.

We crossed our fingers and called him. My partner and I quickly realized after one meeting we had the right guy for the job. Corey has proven he is a seasoned designer with lots of patience listening to our vision.

He got to work immediately and we’re very proud and happy with the end result! Get X Media fulfilled the contract days ahead of the schedule. Corey is our go to guy! We strongly recommend him to anyone looking for website design.”

Kris & Gis,
Almondine Foods, Calgary KETO Foods Company
| Get X Media

“I have known Corey for over 15 years and was one of his first clients at Get X Media back in 2006. He has worked with me from the day we started our business and I wouldn’t change a thing.

His drive for delivering what people ask for is unmatched. When we needed a website, he was there. When we needed marketing, he was there. When we needed staff uniforms, business cards, and marketing materials, he expanded his company into a full service print shop and was there again. Keep up the great work Corey, I am happy we have you with us.”

Jorden McCullough,
Ampt Over Electric, Top Rated Calgary Electricians
| Get X Media

“I have never seen anything like what Get X Media has built for us. We have the best looking website in our industry hands down and it’s thanks to Corey’s expertise.

I was impressed by how much research and planning Corey had put into our website design based off the small amount of information we gave to him to start. It goes to show how much he knows what he is doing. He took the time to understand where we wanted to take our business. I would recommend him to anyone.”

Matt Neuberger, Ottawa
Booth Right, Automotive and Industrial Paint Booth Installation Company