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Money Multiplying Online Advertising Services

Target customers through clever laser-focused direct response online advertising services. Drive quality traffic to high converting landing pages that generate quick leads for your business. Track your return on investment down to the dollar with advanced call and email tracking systems.

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What our Happy Customers Say
“We were looking for a company that could deliver. Not only on a website redesign but on search engine optimization to get us to #1 on Google.

We now hold over 27 keywords on the front page of Google and over 10 of them are #1.”
Graham Drew
Urban Piping Ltd.

Strategic Data Driven PPC Advertising Services for Growing Business Builders

What is PPC Advertising?

PPC stands for pay-per-click, a model of internet marketing in which advertisers pay a fee each time one of their ads is clicked. Essentially, it’s a way of buying visits to your site.” – WordStream. This is entirely different than attempting to “earn” those visits organically through Search Engine Optimization.
  • Instantly rank on top of Google search and get your business in front of highly qualified customers based on what they are searching for.
  • Instead of waiting for organic SEO efforts to drive business, skip the line and pay for top spots on Google to instantly boost revenue.
  • Get your business in front of targeted prospects as they surf the internet keeping you top of mind and increasing your customer volume.

What can PPC Advertising Services do for Your Business?

The targeted advertising capabilities of today are literally the gold rush of our generation. The best part about it, once your advertising funnels are in place and generating incredible results you can scale them as fast as you can handle the business. Take a look at one of our digital advertising campaigns.

PPC advertising is typically implemented for short terms gains. Having the ability to place your business at the top of Google or in front of targeted customers across different media channels can drive customers through the door quickly. Now, because you are paying-per-click for your advertisements, its essential that the campaign gets built in the beginning to get the biggest return from your advertising dollars as possible. Many times we have seen business owners and marketing professionals loose faith in PPC advertising because the campaign was simply not put together properly and did not have the tracking systems in place in order to calculate what return on investment is coming from the ads.

At Get X Media, we typically work on 2 different goals with a business. Short terms goals and long term goals. PPC is often a short term investment used to generate revenue quickly however, longer term marketing strategies should be in place including search engine optimization or value based marketing systems. The reason for this is because over a period of 1-2 years, these more advanced tactics deliver a greater return on investment however results often take months to acquire.

| Get X Media
PPC Advertising Services mobile

Important Information for Business Builders Looking to Grow Through PPC Advertising Services.

A PPC advertising strategy requires a team of skilled people including marketing strategists, graphic designers, website developers, PPC ad analysts, researchers, and content writers to cover the essentials. Our agency ensures you get a qualified team of professionals with an array of premium technical software tools.

Market Research and Ad Targeting

The most important part of any advertising strategy begins with knowing where to target your customer. You can have the greatest offer in the world but if it’s not in front of interested prospects you have lost the battle. Through our custom developed in-house research strategy we would have done prior to this, we go further to determine where your competitors are advertising, what they are advertising, and where your advertising dollars will get you the greatest return. We analyze this information to determine low cost high impact opportunities that provide your business with the largest return for your investment in the shortest possible time frame . We do not guess like many of our competitors and if we are to ensure success it’s necessary to take the time and build ads that stand out over your competitors.

Direct Response Ad Copy (The Click)

The goal of an ad is to get the person to click. Through our initial strategy and research we are able to determine what the market is starving for. We use these specific product / service pain points, unique selling points, and solutions to your customers problems when drafting ad copy that compels then to click. This ensures you stand out from the crowd of other boring ads on-line and drives qualified traffic to your landing page.

Landing Page Design (The Offer)

The goal of the landing page is to entice. Once again through our initial research we learn what your customer is looking for in your market. We highlight the problems, poke at the pain points, provide solutions, warn about others might do wrong, and showcase you as the best choice in the market. We then back it up with trust elements like customer reviews, case studies, and/or industry qualifications and present an offer. The offer should include specifics about what your offering and what you are asking for in return.

Sales Mechanism (The Conversion)

The goal of the sales mechanism is to get the visitor to take action. “Call Now” is boring and we want to elaborate on this. We take the time to explain exactly what is about to happen, the process they will go through, how they can take you up on your offer, and why it’s important to act quickly. We then go further to back this offer a powerful guarantee that immediately removes the risk that the customer is taking by trusting you.

Paid Advertising Packages

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1-2 (Products / Services)

$ 2,500/M


3-4 (Products / Services)


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We get it — sometimes you want to speak to a professional. Talk directly with the CEO & Head of Growth at Get X Media, give us a call.

Ongoing Management and Tracking of PPC Advertising Campaigns

Our biggest priority is delivering on your investment with us.

The only way to determine if your ads are profitable is by documenting the names and emails of the leads coming into the business and comparing them with your actual sales numbers. For calls and emails, we record and document the names, phone numbers, and initial conversations. Having these systems in place holds us accountable for your advertising and allows to adjust and market more effectively moving forward. We pride ourselves on the transparency of our advertising campaigns with our clients and the actual data does not lie. We track our advertising campaigns down the actual dollar amounts and compare them with your investment.

For a more in depth look into PPC advertising campaigns and the costs associated, take a minute and download the following PPC advertising proposal.

Scope of Ongoing Work Required for PPC Advertising Campaigns

Call tracking, email tracking, conversion tracking

Our biggest priority is delivering on your investment with us. The only way to determine if your ads are working is by documenting the names and emails of the leads coming into the business.

For calls and emails, we record and document the names, phone numbers, and initial conversations. Having these systems in place holds us accountable for your advertising and allows to adjust and market more effectively moving forward.

Ad expansion + Ongoing optimization

The smallest adjustment in ad copy and can speak volumes to the reader. We understand this and introduce A/B split campaigns which are simply different variations of the same ad to determine which ad copy performs better and focus on whats driving leads. 

We also track keywords that are under performing and consistently improve on the campaigns effectiveness over time.

Re-Marketing Campaigns

Re-marketing is the ability to display an ad to someone who has previously engaged with your website. Let’s say someone clicks your ad on Google, goes to your landing page and then their phone rings and they forget. 

Re-marketing gives us the ability to get back in front of those people over a set period of time whether it be on Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, or even just surfing the net. 

Re-marketing has a lower cost tied to it than initial advertising and has been proven to increase the ROI of almost any ad campaign.

Calculating ROI (CPL, CPA, LTV)

These terms stand for “Cost Per Lead”, “Cost Per Acquisition”, and “Life Time Value”. They tell us what you paid for a lead, what you paid for a new customer, and what a customer is worth to you over their lifetime. 

Knowing this information is the key to scaling your business through advertising. 

This requires team effort and we work with you to calculate these numbers because they are the sole determining factor if your ads are profitable or not.

Platform Diversification

The key is to focus on one platform until the ads are profitable and then diversify into a different platform. The reason this is critical is simply because platforms change and it’s out of our control. 

Its important not to get stuck with all your eggs in one basket if/when this happens. We work with you through these growth stages to ensure that the company has multiple sources of profitable ads operating simultaneously.


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Frequent Questions About Online Advertising Services

Online advertising is much more comprehensive and dynamic than traditional advertising, with the shift to the digital terrace and more than 60% of potential customers found online. Businesses need to invest in online advertising for visibility, brand awareness, and lead generation.

Online advertising is essentially buying traffic to your website. It is the process of targeting and reaching audiences with an accurate message using different options. Effective online advertising prioritizes targeting the real audience, considering the location, age, interests, and other demographics.

There are different methods of online advertising – Pay-Per-Click (PPC) and fixed-rate types of advertising. Meanwhile, there are various types of online advertising aimed at reaching the target audience or potential customers.

The following are the types of online advertising:
1. Google AdWords
It is usually based on the Pay-Per-Click (PPC) model, using keywords.

2. Search Ads
These are similar to PPC but appear on top of the search engine results and not the side.

3. Display Ads
These are classic ads involving the use of banner ads strategically distributed to related websites. They appear on sites where users are most likely to see them.

4. Social Media Ads
These are a type of online advertising involving paid ads on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter.

For so long, PPC has remained the most effective of all online advertising types, delivering a high ROI; this is possible only with in-depth marketing research and clinical ad targeting.

A digitally-driven business should stop at nothing to invest in online advertising. The uniqueness of online advertising is its flexibility. How much it costs depends on how much you are willing to pay for the results you desire.

Suffice to say that several processes, professionals, and software are involved in online advertising, which independently requires expertise and must be handled by professionals. The factors that are associated with costs when you are looking for online advertising are as follows.

1. Market research and strategy.
2. The advertising budget spent directly to the platform.
3. The tracking and reporting software.
4. The website designers and ad copywriters.
5. Graphics designers and video production professionals.
6. Ongoing optimizations and adjustments to the campaign.

In the present day, age, and technology level, digital advertising has become the mainstream of marketing. Against all possible indices, digital advertising offers a higher ROI than the traditional method of advertising. A company needs to have online visibility and presence, accompanied by the desire to engage followers to achieve the overall marketing goals.

Digital advertising is useful because it drives sales and improves the effectiveness of non-digital advertising methods. Offline advertising methods will be propelled to work better alongside the efforts of digital advertising.

Another justification for digital advertising’s effectiveness is that it is hyper-specific. You gain the ability to advertise to prospects actively looking for your service instead of just trying to drum up business like traditional methods and cold calling.

Digital marketing works and is very useful if executed strategically.

Digital ads have become one of the best ways to create brand awareness, reach new customers, engage existing customers, and increase sales. It is safe to say that digital ads are the new norm, the fastest and most efficient ROI marketing channel.

a. Digital ads target to meet the desired geographic location, demographics, and interests regarding your products or services.

b. Digital ads stimulate mobile engagement as existing and prospective customers can interact with the company regarding the advert and ask questions about the product or service advertised.

c. They are quicker to reach the market and can be customized to meet the target audience.

d. It is easier to track, measure, and evaluate digital ads’ performance, unlike the traditional ads that are intractable. Businesses can measure the actual results of digital ads and determine the ROI. In most cases, the metrics usually reveal a significant ROI.

e. Digital ads can go viral faster than expected, and the viral sensation can result in several millions of dollars through leads, conversions and build brand loyalty.

From the above, it is clear that digital ads are essential to both startups and existing businesses. Setting up a marketing strategy, including digital ads, will improve your online visibility, brand awareness, bring in leads, and increase conversion.

Digital advertising is a type of marketing that uses internet technologies to deliver advertisements to customers. Any ad you see on the internet is known as digital advertising. Digital advertising uses channels or modes.

1. Pay-Per-Click (PPC) ads
2. Display ads, such as video, banners, mobile, and pop-ups
3. Social ads using Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube.

Digital marketing comprises all the marketing efforts based on digital technologies and the internet. Businesses take advantage of different digital channels such as websites, emails, search engines, social media, content or blog posts.

Digital marketing has six major types

1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
2. Social Media Marketing (SMM)
3. Email and Mobile Marketing
4. Content Marketing
5. Online advertising
6. Affiliate marketing

When crafting your marketing strategy, you must prioritize digital advertising. As a result, a significant percentage of the marketing budget should be dedicated to digital advertising. The onset of the COVID-19 pandemic has affected the modus operandi for most things in the business, leaving digital advertising the perfect solution for brand awareness creation and advertising of products and services.

Small businesses should spend 70% of their marketing budget on digital marketing efforts. The reason is that the traditional marketing methods are more expensive and overpriced. However, digital marketing offers all the benefits you can expect without breaking the bank. From all indications, digital advertising is more effective and result-oriented for businesses and marketing managers looking for the best deals.

Yes, we will develop ads for any platform that we think will provide you with a great return on your investment. We typically start with Google and Facebook ads, make sure they are profitable, and then use the profits from your advertising campaigns to reach out for other opportunities.

There are several other platforms to advertise other than Google and Facebook. They also have substantial traffic and engagement. Depending on your target audience and demographics, we will structure your ads on these platforms appropriately for the best possible results. After measuring the ads’ success on Google and Facebook, we can set up Twitter ads, Instagram ads, Amazon ads, LinkedIn ads, Reddit ads, Quora ads, and TikTok ads. At Get X Media, we are dedicated to creating the best experience for our clients.

We will consider your business or company and evaluate all the available advertising channels to choose the platforms we think are best to give your money high ROI. If you have other options in mind, we will help you customize your ads to meet your marketing goals and projected business growth.

Marketing involves everything you do to attract new customers, retain existing ones, and build brand loyalty to increase sales and profit for overall business growth. However, tracking the returns on investment for online advertising requires teamwork between the accounting department and the marketing department.

Tracking ROI for online advertising lets you know if your tactics are working. Although certain aspects of online advertising, like brand awareness, cannot be measured using actual figures. However, how much of the investment was returned should be mentioned and evaluated.

Tracking phone calls, click, conversions, and form submissions and comparing the data to your actual revenue and customers should be carried out periodically to determine online advertising’s efficiency and profitability. If you are making money, then invest more. If you are not then something needs to be adjusted.

Apart from the increase in sales and revenue, measuring your online advertising return on investment can be carried out by looking at the essential metrics as highlighted below:

a. Number of unique website visitors per week or month
b. The number of new email subscribers
c. The number of clicks
d. Increase in social media followers
e. Increase in social media engagement such as likes, shares, comments, etc.
f. Domain position on the search engines
g. Changes increase in average order value per month.

Digital advertising is paying for ads to drive traffic to a website using one of several different online platforms including mobile apps, search engines, email, social media, affiliate programs, and websites.

SEO means Search Engine Optimization. It is the process of positioning a website to rank higher in search engines to get visibility and organic and unpaid traffic from the search engine results page. SEO focuses on improving the website functionality, accessibility, content optimization, media production, and other SEO tactics to make the website appear on top of the search engine results for more traffic.

One of the differences between digital advertising and SEO is that digital advertising can achieve much quicker results than SEO however the ROI in our experience is quite a bit lower.

Also, digital advertising lasts as long as your budget. Once your account is exhausted, the ads get suspended. Search engine optimization takes time, but results are more permanent, exposing the website to massive organic traffic over long periods of time.

Transparent Tracking and Management Systems Built for Simplicity

Smart Track Mockup

Get X TrackSmart

Get X TrackSmart is a completely transparent live reporting system that allows our customers to have clear oversight over the impact of their entire digital marketing efforts available 24/7 from their computer or smartphone. This allows customers the ability to see the direct effect on their companies digital marketing so they are able to calculate their return on investment in real-time.

Get X WorkSmart

Get X WorkSmart is a completely transparent project management tool allowing for simple collaboration with all internal staff members. Clients are informed as projects are completed and as new tasks are added. This allows our clients to see the work being done in real-time and communicate on all levels as in-depth as they wish while we are executing their digital marketing campaigns.
Digital Marketing Agency Mockup

What Business Owners Say About Our PPC Advertising Services

| Get X Media

“I have been using Get X Media for all my company’s needs for over 7 years. We we’re looking for a company that could deliver. Not only on a website redesign but on search engine optimization to get us to #1 on Google.

We analyzed over a dozen marketing agencies in Canada and Corey offered to go through every proposal that we were pitched, broke it down for us, and built something completely custom that was specific to what we wanted. Corey delivered!

We now hold over 27 keywords on the front page of Google and over 10 of them are #1.”

Graham Drew,
Urban Piping Ltd, Canadian Leaders in Poly B Replacement
| Get X Media

“Finding the right digital designer for our small natural foods business in Calgary was not an easy task. After three unsuccessful trials with local designers, Corey’s name from Get X Media came highly recommended by one of our mentors.

We crossed our fingers and called him. My partner and I quickly realized after one meeting we had the right guy for the job. Corey has proven he is a seasoned designer with lots of patience listening to our vision.

He got to work immediately and we’re very proud and happy with the end result! Get X Media fulfilled the contract days ahead of the schedule. Corey is our go to guy! We strongly recommend him to anyone looking for website design.”

Kris & Gis,
Almondine Foods, Calgary KETO Foods Company
| Get X Media

“I have known Corey for over 15 years and was one of his first clients at Get X Media back in 2006. He has worked with me from the day we started our business and I wouldn’t change a thing.

His drive for delivering what people ask for is unmatched. When we needed a website, he was there. When we needed marketing, he was there. When we needed staff uniforms, business cards, and marketing materials, he expanded his company into a full service print shop and was there again. Keep up the great work Corey, I am happy we have you with us.”

Jorden McCullough,
Ampt Over Electric, Top Rated Calgary Electricians
| Get X Media

“I have never seen anything like what Get X Media has built for us. We have the best looking website in our industry hands down and it’s thanks to Corey’s expertise.

I was impressed by how much research and planning Corey had put into our website design based off the small amount of information we gave to him to start. It goes to show how much he knows what he is doing. He took the time to understand where we wanted to take our business. I would recommend him to anyone.”

Matt Neuberger, Ottawa
Booth Right, Automotive and Industrial Paint Booth Installation Company