Accelerate Your Business Growth with Google PPC Advertising.

Get X Media specializes in crafting PPC strategies that are not just about clicks but about driving relevant traffic and generating real leads for your business. Discover the power of targeted PPC campaigns designed specifically for local service business owners and watch your business soar to new heights.

Common PPC Advertising Challenges Business Owners Face.

Navigating the PPC landscape presents several challenges for local service businesses aiming to make a significant impact:

Underperforming Campaigns

Without precise targeting and compelling ad copy, PPC campaigns can consume your budget without delivering the expected returns.

Complex Keyword Competition

Competing for popular keywords without a strategic approach can lead to high costs and low visibility.

Difficulty in Tracking ROI

Many businesses struggle to accurately track the return on investment from their PPC campaigns, making it hard to justify the expenditure.

Ad Relevance and Quality Issues

Poor ad relevance and low-quality scores can decrease your ads’ visibility and increase costs per click (CPC), undermining campaign effectiveness.

Navigating Google’s Advertising Policies

Google’s complex advertising policies can be a minefield for the uninitiated, risking account penalties or ad disapprovals.

Optimizing for Local Searches

Effectively targeting local searches requires in-depth knowledge of local SEO practices in addition to PPC expertise, a combination that many businesses find challenging to master.

Get More Bang With Our 20+ Years Experience in Local PPC Advertising.

Imagine a world where every click brings you closer to your next loyal customer. With Get X Media’s Google PPC advertising services, this world is not just a possibility—it’s your new reality. By leveraging targeted advertising strategies, your local service business can achieve unparalleled growth, turning potential into profit.

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Corey Hayes

CEO & Head of Growth

Strategic Keyword Selection and Bid Management:

Our team conducts in-depth keyword research and utilizes smart bid strategies to place your ads in front of the right audience at an optimal cost.

Custom Ad Copy and Creative Development:

We craft compelling ad copy and creative that resonate with your target audience, improving click-through rates and driving conversions.

Advanced Targeting and Segmentation:

Utilizing the latest in PPC technology, we finely tune your audience targeting, ensuring your ads reach potential customers based on location, demographics, interests, and behaviors.

Comprehensive ROI Tracking and Analytics

With sophisticated tracking solutions, we measure every aspect of your campaign’s performance, providing clear insights into ROI and making data-driven decisions to optimize results.

Adherence to Google's Advertising Guidelines:

Our experts stay up-to-date with Google’s advertising policies, ensuring your campaigns run smoothly without disruptions or penalties.

Local Search Optimization:

By integrating local SEO principles with PPC strategies, we ensure your ads are prominently displayed for local searches, capturing the attention of customers in your area.

Experience digital advertising success with our team of seasoned experts.

Our services blend innovation with precision, transforming every digital interaction into a thriving opportunity  to drive leads and amplify the impact of your advertising budget.


Instant Google Rankings

Dominate Google searches instantly, placing your business in the spotlight.


Rapid Revenue Growth

Skip the SEO wait and directly secure Google’s top spots for an instant revenue surge.


Advanced Ad Targeting

Stay top of mind with targeted prospects across the web, expanding your customer base.


Quick Lead Generation

See rapid results with Google PPC – leads and customers flowing within 30 days.

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Weekly Lead Insights

Get concise, weekly reports detailing new leads, calls, and form submissions.

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Turnkey Campaigns

Experience hassle-free, fully managed digital advertising campaigns.


Advanced Lead Tracking

Track every lead with precision, measuring campaign ROI with comprehensive data.


Limitless Scalability

Endless growth with scalable strategies tailored to your evolving business needs.

24 hours

Cutting-Edge Retargeting

Re-engage potential customers with cutting-edge retargeting strategies.

Business Owners

Complete a one-minute survey for a personalized marketing proposal.


Get More Customers and Generate Leads Quickly

Google PPC advertising can generate new leads and customers in your business within the first week of a campaign launch.


Get Weekly Lead Lists Delivered to Your Inbox

Record every phone call, track every form submission, and get a detailed report showing you exactly what new business your paying for.


Completely Done For You Service, Managed By Our Team

With one quick phone call, we can get the information required from you to build and manage an effective campaign.


Guaranteed Results in 90 Days or We Work Free!

We are so confident that our PPC ad campaigns will drive leads that we’ll drop 100% of our fees if we don’t show you results in 90 days!

Ready to Propel Your Local Service Business with Precision Advertising?

Embrace the opportunity to transform your digital advertising strategy with Get X Media. Our tailored Google PPC advertising services are designed to maximize your visibility, drive targeted traffic, and generate leads that convert. Contact Get X Media today and take the first step towards dominating your local market and beyond.
corey square

Corey Hayes

CEO & Head of Growth

All Your Marketing. Done For You. In One Place.

Brand Strategy & Market Research

Deep dive into your business identity, dissecting mission critical market insights to forge your unique path.

Custom WordPress
Web Development

A hassle-free, pixel-perfect, mobile-friendly web design service that’s built to engage and attract customers.

Targeted Local
Digital Advertising

Generate new leads and sales  through precision-targeted social media and PPC advertising.

Local Search
Engine Marketing

Achieve top local search engine rankings in your city and attract a steady flow of new customers.

Organic Social
Media Management

Distribute brand messaging and marketing collateral across all popular social media platforms.

Business Automation
& Email Marketing

Enhance efficiency, boost revenue, and free up time through business, marketing, and email automation.

Smarter Marketing Starts Here...

During slow seasons, we turn on our PPC ads and within a few weeks we have new customers coming in to keep our staff busy.

The call tracking and form tracking provides an immense amount of value to us, we know where each new customer comes from without asking."
Graham Drew
Urban Piping Ltd.