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    Get X Media, a trailblazer in digital marketing solutions for small businesses, is thrilled to announce its feature in the prestigious Made in Canada Magazine. This accolade underscores the agency’s unwavering commitment to revolutionizing marketing for small businesses in Canada.

    About the Feature in Made in Canada Magazine

    The feature in Made in Canada Magazine highlights the innovative strategies and steadfast dedication of Get X Media. It provides an in-depth look at how the agency, led by visionary Corey Hayes, is addressing the marketing challenges of small businesses with scalable and budget-conscious solutions. The full feature can be read at Made in Canada Magazine.

    Corey Hayes: The Man Behind the Mission

    Corey Hayes, with his extensive background and global insights, brings over two decades of experience to Get X Media. His journey, highlighted in the feature, showcases his passion for creative media and his commitment to every client’s success.

    Get X Media’s Approach to Solving Small Business Challenges

    As elucidated in the feature, Get X Media’s unique approach lies in its ability to tailor marketing strategies to the specific financial capabilities of its clients, ensuring manageable growth. The agency’s ‘magic sauce’ – a rigorous tracking system combined with a hands-on leadership approach – sets it apart in delivering tangible results.

    Looking Ahead: Get X Media’s Five-Year Vision

    With its sights set on becoming the Canadian leader in digital marketing for small businesses, Get X Media is dedicated to fostering an environment where business success is the norm.

    Get Involved with Get X Media

    Small businesses eager to elevate their marketing efforts are invited to collaborate with Get X Media. For more information, visit, contact via email at [email protected], or call 587-600-8018. Direct meeting bookings can be made at

    At Get X Media, our editorial process is driven by a blend of top-tier digital marketing services and content creation, all tailored to guide business owners in making informed online buying decisions.

    Please note, some links in our content may be affiliate links, and making a purchase through them might earn us a commission at no extra cost to you.


    I’m Corey Hayes, marketing geek with 20+ years in web design, SEO, digital marketing & business automation. I am the CEO & Head of Growth at Get X Media, a company that helps small B2C businesses grow. Acting as CMO for clients, I’ve led 6-7 figure companies using cutting-edge tech and new-age marketing strategies. Passionate about travel, photography & video, I serve as a reliable resource for business growth.

    Corey Hayes

    CEO & Head of Growth

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