Large Format Posters 8pt C2S

Print your message in a big way with our large format posters. These posters are printed on a semi-gloss card stock material and are perfect for making a statement. Whether you’re advertising a sale or promoting a new product, our large format posters are sure to get attention.

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Visit the desktop version of the website for information on how to properly prepare your files for optimal printing.

File Preparation

Step 1

Ensure the file matches the product’s required dimensions. Ensure that the artwork is created in CMYK 300 dpi with 1/16 inch bleeds on all sides.

Step 2

Make sure that all images are embedded, and that all the text is outlined.

Step 3

Export all files into PDF format with bleeds.
File Orientation refers to the orientation of the artwork files submitted. Ensure that they are submitted to back up properly to produce the intended result.

Flat Artwork (Postcards, Flyers etc.)

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General File Preparation Guidelines

Large Format Guidelines

See our Support Center for more details.

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