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Dear Business Owners in Search of Tactical Search Engine Optimization

How can I rank #1 on Google? Is the most commonly asked question in the topic of search engine optimization and there is plenty of stigma around it.

Too often, marketers boast this holy grail as the saviour for all business owners problems and promise torrential floods of new customers “once you get there”.

“Rank #1 by paying us this monthly premium for eternity” they said as they search the internet scurrying for ways to spend your hard earned cash. “It takes time we just have to do more” they said as results fall short, the budget dries up and the timeline diminishes.

Many of these “SEO Experts” have been the cause for great frustration amongst business owners for decades. What am I even paying for? Seems to be a common response.

The truth is, most digital marketers just don’t know yet think it’s a good idea to offer it as a service because they figured out how to build a website read a few articles online that made sense to them. Thanks but no thanks.

What if we told you that through doing some basic math and good old fashion research, we can provide a cost benefit analysis calculated with certainty what it will take to acquire rankings in the top 3 spots on Google for your specific business?

What if instead of “lots of customers” we could give you real numbers on how many leads you can expect? What if we guaranteed rankings within a certain time period? Would you feel more comfortable with your investment?

This is precisely what we do and lucky for you, you have come to the right place. A client of ours currently sits on the front page of Google for 27 targeted keywords in an extremely competitive industry.

They enjoy over a hundred new leads coming through monthly to their business and pay a faction of the cost that others would fork out paying for top spot advertisements. This is a system that multiplies marketing investments, gives complete peace of mind on where the next customers are coming from, and has long lasting effects by conquering marketing share.

If you are serious about your business, want to play in the big league and achieve iconic results, we can help. Let’s take a look at some data that shows the percentage of traffic vs the ranking position in Google. 

Tactical Search Engine Optimization 1

Tactical SEO is a longer term investment that yields historic results when executed correctly so we ask, what would your business be like if you captured 20 – 30% of the search market? These are highly qualified customers actively looking for your business right now.

The results are entirely achievable in most industries within 3-6 months though Get X SEO Services and unlike our competitors, we guarantee rankings in 90 days!

Tactical Search Engine Optimization 2

100% “done for you” Search Engine Optimization services reported in real time.

Tactical Search Engine Optimization 3

The technical side of search engine optimization can get fairly complex to those not in the industry. We follow Google guidelines for SEO and provide monthly reports to show you what we are doing and the impact it has on your rankings.

Once you achieve top rankings on Google, we monitor rankings and work further to solidify your spots on Google to continuously outrank your competition. 

Our Track Smart program is a marketers dream dashboard that tracks Google rankings, phone calls, emails, website traffic, social media engagement and many other performance indicators. Enjoy the clarity of your entire digital marketing efforts including SEO in one place, updated daily, delivered monthly, and available 24/7 in your pocket.



Optimized Quality Content

Our writers specialize in providing quality content optimized with targeted keywords to better Google rankings.


HTML Structure / On Page SEO

Every website is built with search engines in mind. Providing Google with proper HTML tags improves rankings.


Meta Data & Tags

Writing Google descriptions that include keywords and persuade people to click your website is key to good SEO.


Internal Linking

Helping visitors navigate your website by linking to pages wherever necessary greatly improves rankings.


Image SEO Optimization

All images on our website have targeted meta data and keywords to contribute to a better rank on Google.


Speed & Loading Times

Our platform is built for speed and every website is tested regularly to ensure fast load times.


Social Signals

Sharing your website to social networks build domain authority and help with better Google rankings.


Online Business Listings

Having accurate and congruent data about your business across the web will boost local rankings.



Having niche specific quality websites link back to yours is great for boosting Google search rankings.


Domain Names

The age of a domain, the URL, and the domains authority are all factors taken into account in Google’s Algorithm.


Site Errors and 404s

We run monthly site audits on every website that report any problems that may hurt your Google ranking.


Schema Markup & Rich Snippets

Google loves organized data. These tell about specific data on your page so they can enhance your link in search.


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