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At Get X Media, we develop and execute digital marketing strategies for service-based small business owners that drive revenue.

Looking for marketing materials? Check out the Get X Print Departments for commercial printing and custom clothing.

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Looking to hire a digital marketing professional or marketing agency?

This step for many business owners is a big one and you always want to make sure you do your research and find the right person or agency that holds the necessary skills and expertise you can trust.

If we could give one piece of advice for business owners who are looking for a digital marketing company it would be to only work with people who are 100% transparent with their services!

We want to help you make the right choice. Learn about us and how we like to operate through our Get X Ethos (Customer Code).


A note from the owner: Corey Hayes.

If I don’t think we can deliver on your digital marketing, I simply won’t take you on as a client and point you in the right direction.

Website design, SEO, digital marketing and media creation are some of my favourite things to do. Literally in my free time I design media (photo & video), I study marketing trends, and I find opportunities for my myself and my clients.

I prefer to work with people personally and in depth. Some of my clients have been with me for over 15 years and it is because I employ radical transparency through all of our work. Your best interests are at heart with me. That is as simple as it gets.

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customer success story.

We completed a 6 month case study on one of our clients to track specific key performance indicators.

Throughout our successful execution of this clients campaign they now receive new leads daily and are ranking on the front page of Google for over 10 targeted keywords in an extremely competitive industry.


More Traffic


Better Rankings


More Leads


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Get X Media
Based on 15 reviews
Professional, fast, and inspiring ideas when mine aren't so good. Quality work, great value for money.
Mojo Divers Koh Tao
Mojo Divers Koh Tao
02:51 25 Jan 20
Very fast turn around time with a great price. That what I want from my supplier of all things awesome.
Well I have to say my experience with Get X Media has been over the top. Great customer service. flexible, and not to mention quality work! When it comes to design, these guys are on point. I would definitely recommend using them for your next project. Thanks again Corey, Cheers!!
Derreck stubbert
Derreck stubbert
00:22 02 Nov 19
Only good things to say! Corey knows his stuff, he's super professional, passionate, and fun! Business cards turned out even better than anticipated. Thank you!
Sandy Alves
Sandy Alves
00:07 02 Nov 19
BEST COMPANY EVER!!! Seriously I was stuck on logo ideas and not sure about the name I chose and BAM! Not only do I get an amazing logo but an incredible new name too! Pure genius oozes outta this place. Kind, respectable, professional, efficient, well priced.....I could go on and on. Everytime I needed something new it was a quick email and within a few days I was given so many choices for design and everything shipped right to me within a week. I promise you will not be disappointed or have any regrets!
06:21 18 Jan 19
Push print has been my go too guys for advertising for the last five years I get everything printed through them from business cards, stickers, door hangers for you name it he’s always fast efficient with the best price in the city. Would go anywhere else!
Maher Chehade
Maher Chehade
19:54 15 Jan 19
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