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We’re not just any old marketing agency. We’re a catalyst for business growth, providing both printing services and digital marketing solutions under one roof. Say hello to a better more unified experience.

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Marketing your business starts here.

"We analyzed over a dozen marketing agencies in Canada and Get X Media offered to go through every proposal that we were pitched, broke it down for us, and built something completely custom that was specific to what our business needed."
Graham Drew
Urban Piping Ltd.

Marketing. Made Simple.

Marketing your business starts here.

Finally, a marketing agency that's all about thinking big, and shopping small.

At Get X Media, we don’t just talk the talk, we walk the walk. We understand the struggles of business builders who are trying to make a name for themselves in a world that’s overflowing with competition. That’s why we’re here to serve as your marketing partner, delivering results that grow and expand your business, no matter the industry.

My name is Corey Hayes, the CEO & Head of Growth at Get X Media. I’ve put in the time, the effort, and let’s be real, a ton of money, to figure out what really works in the world of digital marketing over the past 20 years. I don’t mean to be too blunt, but it seems today, anyone who knows how to build a website using a template thinks they’re a “marketing pro”. I live and breathe marketing (it’s lonely).

But seriously, no more snake oil salesmen promising you the moon and delivering a pile of rocks. These strategies are battle-tested, come with guaranteed results, and have brought in millions for our clients. And don’t just take my word for it, I’m happy to show you the numbers and put you in touch with our satisfied customers.

But here’s the thing, there’s no magic bullet. No shortcuts, no easy way out. Just good, old-fashioned elbow grease and a team of talented professionals who know what they’re doing. If you’re looking for some shiny toy that’s going to make you rich overnight, good luck, you might want to try another marketing agency. But if you’re ready to invest in your business for sustainable growth, and see real results, Get X Media is the place for you!

Corey Hayes Signature

CEO & Head of Growth
Get X Media

This is not your nephews digital marketing agency.

Every service we offer at Get X Media has been meticulously planned for proper execution to ensure we hit deadlines and deliver. Using the leading technologies available in the digital marketing industry today, we stand at the crossroads of technology and talent.

Every business builder is different; some want to automate their business, some want nothing but phone calls and hate laptops, others want to rank #1 on Google and take over the world. Most entrepreneurs genuinely want, in our experience, a predictable and consistent growth strategy that can scale on demand. They want a marketing system where they can invest 1$ and get $5, or $10, or even $50 back. These are the marketing systems we build for our clients.

Digital marketing systems like these are demanding, and although we take care of the brunt of the work, we do require your input for them to succeed. We sincerely hope the information provided throughout our website is valuable and helps you on your journey. Feel free to reach out to us anytime if you have any questions about the services we provide.

We are an aggressive and relentless marketing company, watch the competition crumble.

Some digital marketing companies would rather sell recurring maintenance packages and inflate costs to make money rather than delivering for their clients. We see this all the time! Many businesses are continuously steered wrong by “experts” offering bogus, outdated, or incomplete marketing strategies that rarely deliver yet consistently suck money out of your bank account like some thirsty paycheque vampire. We are not afraid to say this and stand our ground. It is our job to help you, not to help them.

Some of our clients have been with us for over ten years. Our mission is to succeed consistently with every single client we work with, regardless of industry. We work in-depth with a small number of clients and approach with depth rather than stacking up billings on half-hearted projects like most agencies. Our mission has always been about our clients and it always will be. If we do not feel we are a good fit for your business, we will explain why and help you in the right direction.

Brand Experience

Trusted by Savvy Business Builders

| Get X Media

“I have been using Get X Media for all my company’s needs for over 7 years. We we’re looking for a company that could deliver. Not only on a website redesign but on search engine optimization to get us to #1 on Google.

We analyzed over a dozen marketing agencies in Canada and Corey offered to go through every proposal that we were pitched, broke it down for us, and built something completely custom that was specific to what we wanted. Corey delivered!

We now hold over 200 keywords on the front page of Google and over 50 of them are #1.”

Graham Drew,
Urban Piping Ltd, Canadian Leaders in Poly B Replacement
| Get X Media

“Finding the right digital designer for our small natural foods business in Calgary was not an easy task. After three unsuccessful trials with local designers, Corey’s name from Get X Media came highly recommended by one of our mentors.

We crossed our fingers and called him. My partner and I quickly realized after one meeting we had the right guy for the job. Corey has proven he is a seasoned designer with lots of patience listening to our vision.

He got to work immediately and we’re very proud and happy with the end result! Get X Media fulfilled the contract days ahead of the schedule. Corey is our go to guy! We strongly recommend him to anyone looking for website design.”

Kris & Gis,
Almondine Foods, Calgary KETO Foods Company
| Get X Media

“I have known Corey for over 15 years and was one of his first clients at Get X Media back in 2006. He has worked with me from the day we started our business and I wouldn’t change a thing.

His drive for delivering what people ask for is unmatched. When we needed a website, he was there. When we needed marketing, he was there. When we needed staff uniforms, business cards, and marketing materials, he expanded his company into a full service print shop and was there again. Keep up the great work Corey, I am happy we have you with us.”

Jorden McCullough,
Ampt Over Electric, Top Rated Calgary Electricians
| Get X Media

“I have never seen anything like what Get X Media has built for us. We have the best looking website in our industry hands down and it’s thanks to Corey’s expertise.

I was impressed by how much research and planning Corey had put into our website design based off the small amount of information we gave to him to start. It goes to show how much he knows what he is doing. He took the time to understand where we wanted to take our business. I would recommend him to anyone.”

Matt Neuberger, Ottawa
Booth Right, Automotive and Industrial Paint Booth Installation Company

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