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Dear Business Owners,

How would you like to double or even triple your business this year? How would you like to have a predictable and consistent growth strategy that floods new “eager to buy” customers to your business? A system you can scale as aggressively as you see fit? A system that multiplies the money you invest?

Could you imagine how your business would be? Having 2X, 5X or even 10X the revenue you have right now? Having enough cash flow to hire staff and free up your time? Being able to payout huge bonuses? Or even just not having to worry about where your next customers are coming from? Sound far fetched? This is exactly what we have done for our clients.

Some digital marketing companies would rather sell recurring maintenance packages and inflate costs to make money rather than actually delivering for their clients. Many businesses are continuously steered wrong by “experts” offering bogus marketing strategies that rarely deliver yet consistently suck money out of your bank account like some thirsty paycheque vampire.

Our proven and battleground tested digital marketing tactics have resulted in millions of dollars in revenue for our clients! This is no bullsh*t. Ask us, we will happily show you the numbers.

My name is Corey Hayes, I have spent years creating digital marketing systems consisting of over $500,000 in marketing spends, countless failures, tens of thousands of hours in research and training, and thousands of dollars into software. That is what it took to understand how to get actual real world results with real businesses through digital marketing.

There is no magic silver bullet here folks, trust me I’ve tried all the bullsh*t strategies you’ve probably seen online. These are personally tested and industry proven tactics that provide serious results and take good old fashion hard work.


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BATTLE GROUND TESTED MARKETING TACTICS that have generated millions of dollars in revenue for our clients

High Performance Web Design

Blazing fast mobile friendly websites with content rich direct response copy to convert visitors into paying customers. Guaranteed SEO page structure and load times under 3 seconds. 100% done for you service.

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Tactical Search Engine Optimization

Destroy your competitors before they have a chance. Get your business in front of hundreds or even thousands of “wallet open” customers and hoard market share by holding top Google search rankings.

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Powerful Conversion Rate Optimization

Get a higher return on investment from your marketing dollars. Money making website optimizations that get more of of your website traffic to take action and become paying customers.

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Money Multiplying Google PPC Advertising

Strategically target low cost keywords with direct response ads that drive people to you over your competition. Then, stalk them around on the internet with display ads to keep them engaged and coming back.

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Psychology Backed Social Media Marketing

90.4% of Millennials, 77.5% of Generation X, and 48.2% are active on social media. We know what makes them click. Harness new opportunities with clever copy and high converting landing pages to stockpile new customers.

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Timeless AI Driven Marketing Automation

Spend less time making more money. Automate your buyers journey through email campaigns to take non believers and convert them into “eager to buy” customers and brand advocates.

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We guarantee results in 90 days or WE WORK FREE!


Some of our clients have been with us for over 10 years! If we don’t do our job right we are out of business! Our mission is to succeed exponentially with every single client we work with. This is why we work in depth with a small number of clients rather than trying to stack up recurring revenue like most agencies.


Unlike other agencies, we do not take on competing clients. We work with clients in one location and industry sector at a time. When your’e our client, we refuse to work with your competitors! Agencies that work with 2 or more competitors compete against themselves providing better service for the highest bidder.

customer success story.

We completed a 6 month case study on one of our clients to track specific key performance indicators.

Throughout our successful execution of this clients campaign they now receive new leads daily and are ranking on the front page of Google for over 10 targeted keywords in an extremely competitive industry.


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More Leads


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