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Customer centric copy writing and clever landing page designs that convert visitors into customers.

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Guaranteed to Google standards proper SEO site structure for highest possible search rankings.


Blazing Fast Load Times

Guaranteed under 3 second load times. After 3-5 seconds, a website looses over 50% of the visitors due to impatience.

Dear Business Owners in search of website design

When it comes to website design, many and most business owners tend to think of a place where a customer can go to learn about their business. Now this may be true in a lot of ways however, websites are far more than that.

When we change the perspective on website design from a business owners point of view to that of a customers, the way we think about it shifts dramatically.

At Get X, We see websites as digital sales assets that guide visitors into becoming customers through the use of direct response copy and cleverly thought out media. A way to captivate visitors intrigue, provide value, and entice people into taking action.

Initially, when writing content for a website you may start with, what information do I have that I can give my customers about me? This is a general practice for most marketers and it’s not entirely wrong but hear me out.

What if instead you asked, what do my customers want to hear from me? What can I provide to my customers to make them feel like my business is the best choice? How can I remove all the doubt and scepticism about my business? How can I get customers to trust me before they call me? Now we are getting somewhere.

This shift in perspective may sound small but in reality it’s incredibly impactful.

The copy becomes focused more on solving problems and outlining benefits. You begin to shine light on bad experiences and worse case scenarios. You might even showcase what good hassle free service “feels” like. Or explain why your quality work is far more important than saving a few dollars.

Now with that in mind, instead of simply writing about your business you are providing your customers with real valuable information they can relate to, and you will help them make better choices. Which ironically enough, leads to more people buying your products or services and allows you to stay firm on your price. Who would have thought that helping your customers is actually good for business. What a concept.

This may all sound fun and exciting but you’re probably asking how do we get the answers to these questions?

Great question.

We turn the table and put ourselves in the shoes of your customers. We check competitors websites, read through good and bad reviews, dive into forums and really do some in depth research on what your customers are talking about. We want to know what’s most important to them and what they absolutely cannot stand.

From this research, we are able to compile a list of high impact elements that can be organized it into compelling direct response copy and media. This allows us to communicate with your customers and speak to them through conversations they are already having with themselves.

This is what we do. If you are in the market for a website that is truly going to convert visitors into “cash in hand” paying customers, you have come to the right place.

Websites that actually deliver for business owners require laser focused direct response copy and calls to action in order to drive buying customers through the door. 

Our high performance websites convert and we build them quickly at a price that won’t destroy your bank account. Enjoy a hassle-free experience with our digital marketing strategists that take care of the copy writing, landing page creation, market research, search engine optimization, and speed optimization through a completely “done for you” service.

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Our Completely “done for you” 6 Step Transparent Web Design Process That Delivers Every Time

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1) Book a Free Strategy Session With a Growth Expert

Take a free, zero obligation strategy call with one of our growth marketing experts. We want to know about your business. We’ll be talking about your industry, your mission, past digital marketing experiences, what goals you have, and address the issues that brought you to us today.

We sincerely want to help your business. Even if we don’t do any work together, we will still take the time to help you in the right direction. We literally live and breath digital marketing and are happy to help with free resources you can use to grow your business smarter through digital marketing. 

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2) We Build You a Custom Strategy, Proposal and Provide Pricing Options

Every business is different. Unlike most agencies with the one size fits all approach, our first step is to create an actionable digital marketing strategy for your business.

We audit all your current digital assets and spend the time researching what customers in your industry are saying online. We look at keyword opportunities for search engine optimization, dig deep into competitor strategies, generate content ideas, and deliver to you down the specifics what your business will need to destroy the competition.

Our proposals are in depth, you could literally take this strategy and execute it yourself and it would bring you results.  


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3) Sit Back, Stay Updated and Enjoy a Flawless Execution by our Team

Once we agree on your digital marketing and web design strategy, you are immediately placed into our Get X WorkSmart program. This project management tool gives you instant updates as tasks are being completed and clear oversight throughout the design of your website. Our communication lines are always open and we rarely miss deadlines. 

We understand the necessity of speed and transparency. Our customers love the fact that they rarely have to check in and are always up to date with what is being done. This keeps you happy and us focused on the tasks at hand.

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4) Review Your Website. Use our Extremely Simple "Click and Type" Feedback System

We have invested heavily into technology to give our customers a hassle free experience that doesn’t suck up time and doesn’t require any technical know how. The Get X Feedback system gives you the ability to “click and type” changes directly onto your website generating us a list of changes to make.

It does not get any simpler and easier than this. There is no need for long meetings or countless emails back and forth which happens with most website designs. Our feedback system alone saves an incredible amount of time and keeps our customers extremely happy.

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5) We Deliver The Goods Including a Technical SEO Audit and Speed Audit of Your Website

Most web designers quit when the site is up. We we take the time to submit your website into search engines, setup analytics tracking, and apply conversion rate tracking systems to start getting you real data behind the scenes. This data is prepared into a clean monthly report and is available 24/7 through our mobile marketing app.

On top of that, we take the extra time to deliver on our guarantees. Third party SEO audits are provided to show you your new website is built to the highest standards set by Google. Speed performance reports are also delivered to follow through on our guarantee that your website loads in under 3 seconds. 

High Performance Web Design 7

6) Start Marketing. Follow our Website Owner Success Plan and Expect Ongoing Follow Ups

Extra Bonus! We have developed a comprehensive list of specific things that new website owners can do to set themselves up for success as soon as their website is live.

Some things include posting on social media, updating email signatures and online profiles however, we are willing to bet that there are a few things in our Website Owners Success Plan that you might not have thought about.

When you have a website with Get X Media, you have direct access to schedule meetings with your growth marketing expert at any time and we always follow up with you every month.

This is not your nephews website design


Guaranteed Technical SEO Structure

Proper HTML structure and keyword targeting is completed up to Google Standards to ensure best possible rankings in search engines.


Guaranteed Blazing Fast Load Times

Speed equals conversions. We guarantee under 3 second load times on every website designed by our team.


Direct Response Copy Writing

Professionally written, proofed, and optimized content geared to convert website browsers into “ready to buy” customers.


100% Custom Web Design

Every website design project is built entirely custom to suit your business using our blazing fast platform.


100% Mobile Friendly

Every website is built with mobile first in mind. 100% mobile responsive with easy viewing and navigation on any device.


100% Built for Customers

We like to WOW visitors and convert them into customers. All websites have click to call and lead generation functionality.


High Performance Web Design 8

SEO Site Structure Audits

Chances are if we run your current website or your competitors websites through our extensive third party technical SEO audit, we’ll find errors and poor building practices. This reveals opportunity, shows room for improvement, and allows us to come clean out our SEO guarantees. 

High Performance Web Design 9

Website Performance Audits

If your website takes longer than 3 seconds to load, you could be loosing 50% of your visitors. We use 3 different third party performance audits including GT Metrix, Google Page Speed Insights, and Pingdom Speed Tools to highlight issues and come clean on our guarantee that your new website is blazing fast and loads in under 3 seconds.

ONGOING digital marketing SERVICES withOUT THE monthly contracts.

We have been around awhile. Many digital marketing agencies will build a website for a client and then leave them in that dark after the web design is completed. At Get X Media, we strategize digital marketing in depth and show you how to grow your business online. This may include improving local search visibility, boosting Google rankings, and executing paid advertising campaigns to drive more traffic and generate even more revenue for your business.

Best of all, our digital marketing agency runs on no contracts so you can have peace of mind without having to be concerned about being locked into ongoing expensive marketing contracts. That is how confident we are in our work! All we require is your commitment to the strategies we outline in your digital marketing proposal.

Operating our business this way allows our clients to build their online presence aggressively or as nonchalant as they desire and give them the ability to change their budget month over month to coincide with their business operations. Can we get a hell ya!



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