Ampt Over Electric: Electrifying Growth Through Get X Media’s Comprehensive Marketing Strategy

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    Client Overview:

    Ampt Over Electric is a professional electrical services company that has been collaborating with Get X Media for many years. They aimed to enhance their online presence, increase leads, and improve their search engine rankings in the competitive electrical industry.

    Background and Problem Statement:

    Ampt Over Electric required a professional website design, effective SEO services, marketing automation, and online advertising services to achieve their ambitious goals. The company also sought opportunities to establish strategic partnerships in the local market to expand their services.

    Objectives and Strategy:

    Get X Media set out to accomplish the following objectives for Ampt Over Electric:

    • Increase lead volume and website traffic
    • Achieve top Google rankings for competitive keywords
    • Enhance branding and market positioning
    • Develop strategic partnerships in the local market


    Get X Media designed a professional website, implemented local SEO services, provided marketing automation, and ran online advertising campaigns for Ampt Over Electric. To ensure scalability, they incorporated relevant keywords, added a blog, and provided SEO tracking and performance reports. They also facilitated a partnership with a local hot tub company, resulting in Ampt Over Electric handling hot tub deliveries and electrical installations. This partnership expanded to include multiple hot tub companies in the area.

    Results and Impact:

    In just 6 months, Get X Media’s comprehensive marketing strategy delivered exceptional results:

    • 10x increase in website leads
    • 1,500% increase in website traffic
    • Top Google rankings for 7 competitive keywords
    • Successful strategic partnerships with local hot tub companies

    Additional Services:

    Get X Media further enhanced Ampt Over Electric’s market positioning by providing graphic design, photography, video production, press release, and public relations services. They also created marketing materials, custom apparel, and promotional products for the company.

    Conclusion and Key Takeaways:

    Get X Media’s all-encompassing marketing approach, combining website design, local SEO, strategic partnerships, and branding, fueled Ampt Over Electric’s remarkable growth in a competitive industry. Their success showcases the benefits of a tailored, results-driven strategy that adapts to the client’s unique needs and goals.

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