Pioneering Digital Success: A Showcase of Remarkable Case Studies

Explore Get X Media’s transformative case studies across industries, showcasing customized digital strategies driving remarkable growth and success.

Let's Talk Supply Chain

Cutting-Edge Website Redesign and Digital Optimization

Dive into the success story of Let’s Talk Supply Chain with Get X Media. This case highlights a major website upgrade, focusing on better user experience, stronger SEO, and innovative features to connect content with its audience more effectively.

Strategic Web Development and Technology Management

See how Get X Media transformed K-Line Group of Companies website from outdated to outstanding. This case study showcases a journey of growth, featuring a user-friendly design, improved SEO, and a strong support system for lasting success. 

K-Line Group of Companies

Holz Industries

Overcoming Website Challenges and Boosting Online Presence with Get X Media

In our work with Holz Industries, we focused on overcoming their website challenges and elevating their online presence. By modernizing their website with cutting-edge technology and formulating a robust digital marketing strategy, we significantly improved their digital footprint. This led to a marked increase in site traffic and inquiries, showcasing our commitment to driving tangible results. Learn more about our strategic approach and the outcomes in the Holz Industries case study.

How Get X Media Revamped Their Online Presence and Generated 121 Qualified Leads in 3 Months

Get X Media’s collaboration with Wilson Electric was a resounding success. The company faced challenges with a previous marketing provider, leading to a need for a significant digital overhaul. Get X Media stepped in to redesign their website, enhancing user experience and lead generation, alongside a meticulously executed SEO strategy. This holistic approach yielded 121 qualified leads in just 90 days, exemplifying our ability to deliver impactful results and foster business growth.

Wilson Electric

Urban Piping

Dynamic Marketing Strategy Delivers Unprecedented Growth

Get X Media’s partnership with Urban Piping exemplifies transformative digital marketing. By crafting a comprehensive strategy, we significantly enhanced their online visibility and authority, leading to a remarkable 1700% increase in website leads and a 300% surge in web traffic. Our multifaceted approach solidified Urban Piping’s position as an industry leader. For a comprehensive look at this case study, visit Urban Piping’s case study.

Electrifying Growth Through Get X Media’s Comprehensive Marketing Strategy

Our partnership with Ampt Over Electric led to remarkable growth, with our strategies resulting in a tenfold increase in website leads and a 1500% rise in website traffic. The collaboration involved a comprehensive marketing strategy, including local SEO services, professional website design, and forming strategic partnerships. For more details on the strategy and its impactful results, you can visit the Ampt Over Electric case study.

Ampt Over Electric

Let's Talk Supply Chain

15X Web Leads Through PPC Advertising with Get X Media

Boothright’s collaboration with Get X Media focused on brand development and enhancing their virtual presence. The partnership involved creating a modern, lead-generating website, and a comprehensive online advertising strategy. The efforts led to a significant increase in online visibility and searchability, marking a 1500% increase in website leads and traffic.

Top SEO Rankings from Web Design by Get X Media

The case study of Maison Exteriors underscores the pivotal role of a strong online presence. Our digital transformation strategy for them involved a website redesign and an optimized online advertising campaign. The result was a top-ranking position on Google for key search terms and a notable increase in customer leads and conversions.

Maison Exteriors


Expanding Customer Reach and Engagement through Get X Media’s Tailored Digital Marketing Strategy

The case study of Pathwell highlights Get X Media’s tailored digital marketing approach, which significantly boosted customer engagement and reach. A revamped marketing strategy, combined with meticulous monitoring and strategy adjustments, resulted in positive feedback, increased client interactions, and substantial ROI. This case underscores the importance of adaptability and data-driven decisions in achieving marketing success.

300% Increase in Lead Generation with Get X Media

The case study for Official Plumbing and Heating highlights a successful partnership with Get X Media, resulting in a significant boost in the company’s online presence. The initiative led to a 300% increase in website leads and a 900% increase in web traffic, showcasing the effectiveness of the tailored digital marketing strategies implemented. 

Official Plumbing & Heating

Landscaping by Marcel

Revitalizing an Online Presence with Get X Media

The Get X Media case study for Landscaping By Marcel showcases a successful website optimization and digital presence revitalization. Faced with an incomplete and error-ridden site from a previous provider, the firm turned to Get X Media for a professional and reliable solution. The result was a user-friendly, modern website, enhancing their industry standing and online visibility in the Calgary area.

Creating a Compelling Campaign for Calgary’s Mayoral Candidate with Get X Media

Get X Media played a pivotal role in Dean Hopkins’ mayoral campaign, creating a compelling online presence that effectively communicated his vision for Calgary. The team’s digital marketing expertise, combined with multimedia content and continuous website updates, positioned Dean’s campaign as the most informative and engaging among candidates. For more details, you can visit Dean Hopkins’ case study.

Dean Hopkin's

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